H. Beaber - In the Philippines - June 8, 1943

Nearly 3 months since I have written but nothing much to say. The military police have been to the homes where they have the meetings several times. After much questioning they went away, apparently satisfied. They came here once.

On April 11, a family by the name of Salgado came to live with us. Mrs. Salgado is a sister of the folks who live downstairs. They are nice people and we share expenses on light and gas but eat and cook separately. 

Mrs. Roncal came in once bringing us eggs, mangoes, and rice.

On Willie’s birthday, some folks came and gave him a surprise. (May 25 - Chicken ‘n Everything!) 

I enquired at the Red Cross about sending a two word message to the States, but the cost was prohibitive for me - $17.60. I did not have enough to send it. (I got the money later on and sent it.)

We study the book of Isaiah these days.

On my birthday, much the same thing happened as on Willie’s birthday. Friends, both in the fellowship and out, have been most kind to us.


The hot season is very weakening to Americans and like last year, Willie got another case of boils. Several got quite serious becoming like ulcers, so we got him to see his doctor. He was given medicine but it made him ill and in order to have a good examination, Cecil and I took him to the Philippe General Hospital. There is a ward there especially for Americans, and is financed b the Internee camp so it will be free. He is there at present. It is hard to see him as same rules apply there as at St. Tomas. No visiting.

Last month, all enemy aliens were called back to the camp except missionaries. Another camp has been started at Los Banos, but they are having difficulty with water so do not know whether it will be permanent or not.

Leo is still having trouble with indigestion, but some better than last year.

Ernest, Cecil, and I are fine.