H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Monday, December 22, 1942-1945

Air-raided at 7 A.M. but it was short.

Go to town to send a radiogram to Jack. Leo comes over and eats dinner with us and we start to Antipolo to find some of the friends.

Air-raid catches us at Paco so we do not go. All to (illegible) to see Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez who are staying with the boys temporarily.

News comes that 80 transports are seen off the coast of Ligayen and that three are sunk. Looks like a real attack this time.

Got a long letter from Juanita—she is at Dasmarians. Willie and Ernest had a nice time at Santa Rosa yesterday with the Letits and Polpreses. Some folks still quite encouraged and have faith that help will come, others say no hope now.

I hope there is a convoy on the way.