H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Sunday, December 14, 1942-1945

Had an air-raid warning during the night, one at daybreak and another just as I was getting ready to leave for Pasay. The all-clear came about 9:30 and I arrived at Lerits about 10:15. Willie was there and the Doloreses and the Lerits. The rest had all left for the Provences. The bombing of the day before had come quite close to them. Mrs. Lerit told us that they had crouched under the house and sang hymns so they could not hear the explosions of the bombs.

During meeting, Mr. Dupaya came in from Cavite. In his testimony, he told us how that during the bombing of Cavite on Wednesday, he and two companions (workmen) threw them selves down flat on the ground. After the raid he was able to arise but his companions did not move. Dead!

We had a nice meeting but we had a raid and some bombers flew right over the house while Willie and I were speaking. That is a real test to one’s ability to concentrate!