H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Sunday, December 28, 1942-1945

Leo and I go to the Polo Club at 8:30 to attend a meeting of all the American men here in Pasay. Discussed a number of things we might do in case of occupation by the enemy. We are supposed to meet at the Manila Sanatorium.

We got back to Lerits in time for the Sunday meeting. Had a nice meeting although few:  Mrs. Lerit, Tagumpay, Enrigue, Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez, Cecil, Leo, and myself. Most spoke about having confidence in the Lord, whatever might happen we will still have something that even death will not take from us. The Dolores girls are still in the province and Severa is worrying about them as well as her husband, Luis, and the children.

We all had dinner at Lerit’s and a big raid came on. They bombed the piers again and started a fire but do not know just where it is. Got home about 3 P.M. Our men are pretty hard pressed according to the news. Willie and Ernest reported a good meeting in San Andres.