H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Sunday, December 7, 1942-1945

Sunday the seventh of December, being the first Sunday of the month, was Union Sunday. Willie was at Cavite and I was at Pinagkaisahan. The other boys were in various places. It just so happens that some of us gave a little talks to the folks about the possibilities of war and cautioned and encouraged them as best we could, little dreaming how close it really was. In the evening, we had our Gospel Meetings. Willie Jamison, Leo Stancliff, and Earnest Stanley in Pasay, and Cecil Barrett and I (H. Beaber) were in the San Andres Sub-Division of Manila on the east side of town. It was Sunday the seventh here, but still the sixth in U.S. and Honolulu. We had very good attendance and interest in our mission here and feel very sorry that it had to be broken up so abruptly by the war. (Two professes later on in home meetings.)