H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Sunday, May 31, 1941-1942

Had good meetings today. Cecil and I being at Misos and Ernest came to be with us in the afternoon meeting.

Cecil and I paid our residence tax last Thursday in order to get a rice ration card – as Leo had already done. We got the tax paid all right but when we went down next morning to get our ration card – what a mess! Pushing, fighting, screaming among the women.

As we stood watching the melee, a policeman came along and asked me what he could do to help us. He was the one whom Hubert and I had trouble with a year ago. He got us a paper with a number on it and the next morning, I was able to get my ration card. One has to go about 4 or 5 in the morning to get either the ration card or the rice.