H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Thursday, December 11, 1942-1945

The streets and roads leading out of the city were choked with people leaving. Some in trucks, taxis, carretelas (horse and buggies), calessas, and some walking. The railways were jammed and the buses and streetcars in the city were filled to overflowing. I do not know where all the people are going, and I fear that they do not know, either.

Mrs Misos left two days ago leaving Mr. Misos to care for the place. Heard that Bufine Funk had evacuated his family and some of his sisters. But most of the friends in Pasay are remaining.

At night, we have one, two, or three warnings but no dropping of bombs yet on the city. Olongopo, Clark Field, and other places have been raided, but I do not think the damage has been anything like the damage here to Nichols Field and Cavite.

Late in the evening after we had been asleep, a young man was going around to all the houses in this part warning people that the water was poisonous and not to use it. I told Cecil that I did not believe it and sure enough, we found out in the morning that it was just a rumour started by a fifth-columnist to upset the people.