H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Thursday, December 25, 1942-1945

Christmas Day. We do not feel like eating much breakfast.  News is that the invaders are coming in on two or three sides, but our lines are holding at the present. The defenders are greatly outnumbered, we are told.

Our old friend, the cochere, is to move us but first, he must go to Tutubon. I took a small load by taxi and Cecil came along later with the caratela. Had dinner with the boys and Mr. and Mrs, Hernandez.

Had one alarm but do not think any bombs were dropped, leaflets. Time bombs still going off at Nichols Field, and 3 huge fires out there.

Very quiet in the evening and Cecil and I take a walk down to Dewey Blvd, to see the water front. Sunset was very beautiful and seems as though was a thousand miles away.

We went to bed very tired as we had worked hard on an air-raid shelter. What a way to spend Christmas.