H. Beaber - In the Philippines - Thursday, July 9, 1941-1942

We all went to the camp today to get our new permanent releases. They gave us a little talk and then lined us up for our passes. The conditions were explicit this time and perhaps you would like to know what they are:

1.     The holder must obey all the laws promulgated by the Japanese authorities and not to say or do anything detrimental to the interests of Japan.

2.     Unless special permission is granted by the Authorities at the Camp, the holder may not leave his place of residence except (a.) essential shopping – food, clothing, drugs,etc. (b.) Medical treatment (c.) church services, Sundays only (d.) exercise, limited to immediate neighborhood of residence.

3.     The holder must report immediately to the Camp and change of address.

4.     The holder must produce this certificate upon demand by the proper authorities.