Haiti News - 2010

this from Jody McChesney
Hi everyone,
   I spoke with Brad again tonight. The work is going good in Haiti. They are enjoying working together and of course the special fellowship. It is hot but they have been able to truck water in, so that is good. They are all a little on edge because they are predicting another earthquake this week-end sometime. Around 6.9 they say,so hopefully all the work so far doesn't go down. They think the house would've came down on Wednesday in the 6.1 tremor had Dan not put in metal supports right away. Brad says that he can't feel the tremors like the others can. They are more in tune. They may have someone sitting on the ground tomorrow,so they can feel if it's coming. Brad may feel his first earthquake yet. Emmanuel and Rania are there. They were at convention with us. They are in the process of being adopted by Gerry and Krista Beyers from Ontario. They thought they probably had a year left in the process but it has been pushed through. When their orphanage was evacuated to the states on Tuesday, they were able to come to the grounds, and Gerry and Krista are hoping they'll be coming home possibly tomorrow! We are so thrilled for them!
  Scott Wainwright is there with his dad. We met him in Cabo San Lucas five years ago, so it's great for Brad to get to know him a little better. He's just really enjoying ALL the good company.Thanks for all the thoughts.
Jody (mcChesney)

this from my sister:

Hi, just home from the hospital but want to drop you a line before I call it a day.  I heard back from Glen this afternoon, and he didn’t think Derek would make it back tonight but would probably stay at the border hospital and come in the a.m.  So tonight I figured he should be back in cell coverage range anyway.  So from the hospital here I called him on his cell and he and Neil were THRILLED to be able to chat for a couple of minutes.  Oh the miracle of the love of God, is always such a beautiful thing to behold!!!

They did find Caridad and she is being well taken care of.  He thinks the antibiotics are working. He left her nephew and some supplies there and headed back to the border.  About 6 pm another tremor hit, and it caused panic in the orphanage across the way from where he is. Everyone from the orphanage is camped outside now and won’t go back in to the building. Then a pastor came along and started preaching and some started singing and clapping and it seemed to break the tension D. said. J  He got some video clips of it and some pics but is having trouble sending them.  Maybe once he gets back to the batch.  Derek is spending the night in a building with a bunch of the doctors and he will head back in a.m.  On Monday he plans to return with some more supplies and some family size tents.  Seems they are all staying in one big tent on the grounds currently. 

He said to pass on his love and greetings to any who ask, tell them the work is progressing well and as quickly as they can because of the continued tremors and said to say thanks so much for all the care and prayers that have gone that direction.


From: Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 7:35 PM

The days are running together, sorry.  I am just too tired to write much this evening.  We had a very profitable day, got 3 pillars poured in the front, and hope to get at least 4 more tomorrow.  A great crew here, and we go through a lot of water, even though the temperatures are mild, only in the mid to upper 80s, but the sun is hot, and this in the middle of winter.  It does get cool at night and we need a blanket in our tent.  We get interesting and encouraging bits of news, a 15 day old baby found alive yesterday.  Things seems to be headed in the right direction in the city, but it is a VAST job to relocate those who have no home.  There seems to be no running water or electricity.  We haven't been there but have sent supplies to Mike, who is in contact with and meeting the needs of our friends.

Again, there are not words to express our appreciation for your thougths and prayers, and every varied way you have shown your support for the workers and people of Haiti, so I'll just say Thank You,

Glenn Spunaugle


Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 6:27 PM
Subject: Sat. evening in Haiti

Today started with a beautiful cool morning, so clear and fresh, and it gave us inspiration.  Haiti is a beautiful country if you can look over (and around) the people, and what they have done.  We all had plenty of energy and got off to a roaring start.  The heat of the day slowed us down, but we did accomplish a lot, and stopped work early because it is Sat.  It seems to me that the bulk of this project will be completed next week. The plan is for us to go to Port-au-Prince for meeting tomorrow morning.  I believe all the visitors are going in.  There are 3 Canadians, and us 3 Americans.  We expect to see the devastation up close then.

Some of you may get this letter twice, please forgive me,  I found another group in my address book, and added it in, so there will be some duplication.  We have several children here on the grounds, and 2 of them are in the process of being adopted by a Canadian family.  They are on notice that they may get the approval to go to Canada any time.  It has been great to watch them play and have such a good time, we really need to be more childlike.

We hope that each of you have a wonderful meeting tomorrow morning, and that the result will be closer unity among God's people.  It takes serious events sometimes for us to really understand what is important and what is not.  I hope I can learn the lesson.

A brother,
Glenn Spunaugle