Haiti News - 2010

Since the earthquake hit Haiti yesterday, the phone has run lots, so will just create a list of some of you that I feel will be interested in the news that follows.  I will try and share with you whatever I hear.   
This arrived Tuesday evening, just before our g. mtg.
I received this from Dan Henry.  he called on SWkype, but I couldn't hear Glenn Spunaugle.
Wed. morning,   word came through others that Susan E. and Florence T. in Cap Haitian in the North are okay.  Then on the phone from Glenn S., he said that Dan and Mike are heading into Port-au-Prince this a.m. to try and check on the friends.
I am going up to check on e-mail now, and will also forward and share what I receive.

Just to say that we are fine this morning at Cabaret.  During the night again and again the tremors passed.  Some were strong enough make the buildings rattle.   There was enough sideways movement I wondered if they would fall.  Inside the buildings everything is thrown every which way.  Like as if they were box that was tipped from side to side.  We were sleeping on the ground in tents.  This morning at daybreak  would just another beautiful cool morning in Haiti.  But we are getting news via the net of the devastation in Port au Prince and Jacmel.  Mike, Allan, Mado, Yves and I had a little meeting to try to plan our day.  As soon as we can Mike and I leave with a days supply of water in our backpacks and we will go to Port au Prince to try to find as many of the friends as we can and do what we can.  We understand that most of the streets are blocked with debris.

The brothers with the help of men here will start with the clean up and repair here.

The phones are still out of order so I have no more news from anyone outside our immediate circle here at Cabaret.

Wed. 11  a.m. from Susan Eicher
Our dear friends...
Thank you for word from so many of you, with concern for all here after the quake hit yesterday.  Florence and I are in Cap Haitian, which is on the northern coast of Haiti.  We felt the shocks, but there doesn't seem to be any severe damage in this area.  There still isn't phone service in Haiti, so no way of contacting anyone that way, but we are fortunate that the internet service is still working.  We were able to communicate with Dan Henry last evening via Skype and at least have word that the brothers were all together at Cabaret and are okay.  We haven't been able to contact the other workers here in the north of Haiti (Glenn, Joe, Sonia, and Lea).  They don't have internet service except to go to a cyber cafe and we haven't heard from them  yet.  They are likely okay, but would be concerned about everyone else further south!  We fear for our friends in Port-au-Prince, so close to where the epicenter of the quake was.  There are many there whose homes are on the hillside and could have easily fallen... No news of most of our friends yet, so we wait.....  The brothers (Dan, Mike, Allan, Madochee, and Yves) were at the convention grounds when it hit and there is quite a bit of damage there.  They slept in tents last night because it was safer than being in the rattled buildings.  At midnight last night I felt the bed shake again, so wondered how hard it was still hitting further south.  We're 100 + miles from there.  Dan and Mike are going to try to go into Port-au-Prince today to see who they can find and what they can do to help..... it will take a lot of effort just to get through the streets..... the devastation is unimagineable.  It has been raining here for a solid week, but it doesn't sound like they've had that there in the south, so that is a relief, too.  We have to cancel our meeting tonight because of so much water in the streets....
At times like this it's very real that nothing of this "earth" in our lives matters because it's so soon shaken... what matters is the Christ within and an obedient response to His Word, the only solid foundation.  Keep a humble, submitted heart!  Thanks again for your love and care.