Haiti Update - Wednesday afternoon, January 13, 2010

I received an e-mail today from Glenn Richards, the overseer.  He'd written me yesterday, and was ready to send it when the quake happened.  So he sent it this a.m.   They are very far in the West, felt the tremors, but there is not damage there.  He has Joe Layman with him.  The other 5 brothers were with Dan when the quake hit.  All workers have been accounted for, and are safe.     gkp
This update is from a sister in the W. part of Haiti...  It arrived Wednesday p.m.
Well, by now most of you have the news from Dan's emails and maybe the pictures as well of the convention grounds that was hit hard by the earthquake last night.  I won't forward that on, but you can ask if you didn't receive them.

We are glad the phone service is SOMEWHAT restored - circuits are busy and often we can't get through, but we did talk with Glenn and he and Joe are fine, as we assumed, since the north was not hit as hard.  Houses shook strongly, but nothing cracked nor fell from what we can see.

Just talked with Dan and he and Mike are making there way across Port-au-Prince, they were near the stadium when I reached them, they had been by the bach at Vaillant and found it fairly well, things upside down inside the house - topsy-turvy, he called it, said the doctor's house next door is down and others in the area.  Then when I reached Cindy Chatelier's the brothers walked in while I was talking with her. She said that their house was cracked but they are fine, she did say that Caridad has a broken foot and Genese is in the hospital, she was staying at her sister's who lives across from Caridad's - so that area had a good hit.  She didn't know of any other friends hurt or homes damaged - said that her grandmother's area is fine.  So we are relieved if that will be true for all of the friends but until we hear for sure, likely there could still be injuries.  Hopefully Genese isn't too serious.  No doubt, Dan and Mike will be heading her way if they can get there.
So this is just to share the news as we have it for now. . .. .

We are very conscious that God has His way of working good through some of the most difficult experiences so we are sure this will be true again.   We see the population here in Port de Paix is stirred up - distressed, here at the cybercafe many are coming in, calling, hearing of deaths and devastation with their loved ones and we sure feel for them without the anchor of the Lord's presence in their life - just like the little boats rocking and rolling on the sea - hoping not to capsize. . .

Won't keep you longer and will try to send more word as we hear. . .Sherri Griffeth