Hannes Marais - "Prayer" - Durban Special Meeting - December 2010

186 Prayer is a mighty source of power.

Luke 18:1 Then Jesus spoke a parable to them, that men ought always to pray and not lose heart. I am so glad to know that Jesus understands our human frame, he understands us totally. He knew that he had to write these things to encourage us to pray. He said we ought to always pray and not lose heart. I am glad for the encouragement we can get through praying. What would cause me to lose heart to pray? I realised it is when I don’t see results, and when I pray thinking what do my prayers help. Does it help anything? I can’t see anything changing. I can so easily lose heart in the place of prayer. Jesus wants to encourage us today, just to continue to pray, so we don’t lose heart.

We heard of people praying 30 years, 40 years in certain things. Such a long time but they didn’t lose heart, just continued to pray. Just after this Jesus spoke the parable of the widow who came to this unjust judge. By her continual coming, she did not lose heart to come to this unjust judge. The odds were so against her coming to this man, he was so unjust. She could easily have felt, what is it going to help. This man is so unjust, will he help me. She just continued, and I am sure she realised this was her only hope. The only one who could help her so she just went there continually. I am so glad that we can come to the righteous judge and he wants to help us. Wonderful if we can come to that stage that we can realise that God is the only one. We will not faint in the place of prayer; we know that is where our help can come from.

In the 6th verse, The Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith, and shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them. There were so many things against this widow, but there are so many things for us, that are in our favour as we come to this place of prayer.

The first one is that we are coming to the righteous judge, the just one. Righteousness will prevail. We are coming to him as the elect. We are chosen, the Afrikaans ‘die uitverkore’ a chosen people, a handpicked people. We are so encouraged as we listen to testimonies, to see how God has brought people into his great fellowship.

And lastly, those that cry out day and night unto him. God never becomes tired as we cry out to him. If I don’t cry out to Him he might become sad, but as I cry out to him it brings joy to his heart. I am depending on him, that is where my strength comes from.

May God help us that we would not lose heart in this place of prayer, and continue to pray for one another. Prayerful people are thoughtful people. People praying for one another, for their companions, husband and wife praying for one another, family praying for one another, the little church praying for one another and becoming also thoughtful for one another’s need. That circle of prayer is growing bigger and bigger, and uniting us as one.