Harold Bennett

Galatians 6:2, "Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ." James 2:8, "If ye fulfill the royal law according to the scripture, thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself, you do well." This verse speaks of the Law of the kingdom of heaven. Some people ask us, "You have many laws in this Way." I told them,  "God’s people are the freest of all people." Then, other people want laws and would intend to keep them. We tell them we haven’t any rules. But there are Laws. There are man-made laws in the world and there are God’s laws. There are natural laws for the natural kingdom, and then spiritual laws for the Spiritual Kingdom. Man-man laws, traffic laws, civil laws; laws different in every country. Man-made laws are not perfect and they are left to be amended. God’s laws never change. In man-made laws, lawyers can always find loop holes, but not so in God’s laws. There are no loop holes in God’s law and if we defy them we always suffer. God has laws that deal with the natural kingdom. There are laws chemistry, engineering and of music, the same everywhere; and these are perfect because God made them. If we break them, we pay the price! (If we put our hand on a hot stove!)


The Laws of God’s Kingdom are perfect and they are not optional, they are commandments. There is The Law of Citizenship and the Law of discipleship and the Law of forgiveness, the Law of greatness, the Law of the Harvest and of fruitfulness and The Law of Mercy and the Law of Love and The Law of Success in the Kingdom. We can ignore or defy them. Countries have laws to bring safety and peace and rest, and in God’s Kingdom his laws are also for Peace and Rest. Scientist try to find out what God’s natural laws are and obey them; when they sent men to the moon they had to obey all the laws of physics, etc. If we want to go to heaven, we have to learn God’s Laws and obey them can bring happiness..


The First Law in the Law of Citizenship, found in John 3:3, "Jesus told Nicodemas, 'You must be born again; you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are born of water and of the Spirit.'" In our country we have a law that says, "A man cannot be a citizen of the USA unless he is born there," and we cannot be a citizen of the Kingdom unless we are born again. "How can a man be born when he is old?" Nicodemas asked. It means we start from zero, as a little babe, a new life.


I heard of two men who were Germans and live in the USA in the last century. They were brothers and bought properties and stayed there for a while. One took up citizenship, but the other never bothered. They decided to go to Germany and while they were there, the war broke out. The alarm and sirens sounded and they went to the border. The one brother had documents to prove he was a citizen of the USA; the other brother who never bothered to take citizenship, although he lived there and paid taxes – they wouldn’t let him leave. One day, it will mean much if we can prove we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. To be born again is to be rid of the past.


There are three reasons we need to be born again: 1) We have to get rid of our past. Born again means we have no past! 2) We have to enter God’s Family. By natural birth you enter a family, and so in God’s family. 3) We need a new Nature. By human birth, we have a human nature that enables us to live on the earth, needing air and food, etc. We need to be born again to have appetites that will fit into heaven. A canary cannot live in a fish-bowl because it is not it’s nature, nor can a fish survive outside the bowl in the cage; to both, it will be like hell! By our first birth, we don’t have a nature that can fit Heaven. We need a new nature so that heaven will be heaven. In the preaching of the Gospel, it is a problem if people learn so much but never get born again. We have to have a new appetite. It is a mystery to me that people can have an appetite for the TV and have it in their bedroom. To be born again, we take life’s disappointments different from the world; and it takes away the desires of the world. I John 5, "Whosoever is born again overcomes the world." The Law of Citizenship, we must be a changed person. It is a law we cannot set aside.


The Law of Discipleship. Luke 14:25-26, "The multitudes were following Jesus that day." Forgiveness is the result of repentance, when we make an about turn and then the Lord said, "If we don’t forgive, we won’t be forgiven." He said, "If any man hate not his father, mother, wife, etc and his own life, and take up his cross, he cannot be My disciple." The Bible defines this word “hate.” Jacob loved Rachel and “hated" Leah, means he loved Rachel more. When a man marries a wife, he loves his mother but “less than” his wife.  And so it is when we follow Jesus; we want to be a good disciple. A young woman refused an offer for marriage from a young man because he loved her more than he loved the Lord.


That servant was forgiven that debt, about 12 million dollars which was impossible to repay. The king had compassion and forgave him. He went out and met a fellow-servant who owed him about 17 dollars and took him by the throat and demanded to be paid. His fellow-servant pleaded but he would not have patience or forgive. He should have felt, "Nobody can do or say anything that I can’t forgive – I have been forgiven so much!" The fellow-servants were all sorry and told the master. When one doesn’t forgive, it afterwards affects everyone. That servant lost the contact with his King, he couldn’t see him, he couldn’t pray. If you forgive not everyone from your heart! When the settlers came to our country, they cut down the trees; it was an easy job but then it was a very hard job to take out the stumps. That is to forgive from your hearts, get rid of all the bad feelings; that is the hard part. We put Jesus first or have unhappiness. The Law of Forgiveness: If you don’t forgive, you are not forgiven!


The next law is The Law of Greatness. That is that whoever shall be the greatest shall be the least. Matthew 20:25, "You know that kings exercise authority in the world, but among you it shall not be so; let the greatest be the servant." It is something in all of us; who shall be the greatest – Who will have the meetings and privileges etc.? In John 13, the last night of Jesus, He had that supper; it was the custom that the servant would wash the guest’s feet. After supper, He gave then plenty of time but no one made a move, so He stooped and did the job no one wanted to do. It was an example of Service and humility. The greatest player isn’t playing but serving! True greatness is the one who serves most. There is nothing wrong with greatness but the True greatness is the greatness Jesus brought us. In the world the greatest are the ones who are served by the most but in the  Kingdom the Greatest are the ones who serve others the most. The place to strive for is the place of helpfulness and service.


In my third year preaching the Gospel, there was an elderly couple attending meetings and we learned that they had been out of the meetings for 20 years. An elder had died and there were two candidates for the meeting to be at; the worker chose the other couple and that couple were offended - it proved that the workers made the right choice. Now 29 years later, the only “place” we can aim at is the place to serve.


The next Law, is the Law of Fruitfulness. John 12:24, "Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die it must remain alone" – that is the law of fruitfulness; life feeding on death. The law of nature is self-preservation; any living creature, animal or bird, when it senses death, it flees or fights, but the Law of the Kingdom is to die to self; it means saying no: We say no to wrong thought, we say no to actions that are nor according to the Truth and to emotions that are not according to Jesus. If the human is fed the divine dies, or the divine is fed the human dies – we say “yes” to Jesus. If we take grains of wheat and put it on a shelf it is useless; even after a number of years, being set aside , it becomes useless; they have a life-span, they are lost! The only hope of a corn of wheat is to die.


The USA gave the Red Indians wheat to plant but they ate it. The value of it to them was short term, but lost long term. The principle, is there must be a short term loss for a long term gain. If you take a corn of wheat and put in into the ground and there is the right warmth and moisture; and then you come back after about 9 days and dig it up, you will find that corn shriveled up and in place there is a new life, and that new life is beautiful. A person is inclined to think that, if I yield I will lose, but this new life is so much more beautiful. This new life gives us so much power to push us through the dirt; it just pushes us up. If one says, :I can’t do it because we haven’t died," and haven’t got the powers of the new life. Saying no to self and yes to God gives us power; the deeper the death the greater the life, and the more there is to live for.


Then there is the Law of the Harvest. What we sow we reap! Parents are sowing seeds in the lives of their children, and we are sowing seeds in other people’s lives; we have to be careful what we sow. Galatians 6:8, "For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, and he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting." This is the Law of the Harvest. We have to be careful of the seeds we sow; if we sow pumpkins, you can’t reap roses. We are to be careful of the attitude, because what we sow, we are going to reap. A natural harvest may fail due to drought, etc, but this one is sure. If we sow to politics and of the world, we reap the same; we won’t get something spiritual. The Spirit harvest is certain. We always reap more than we sow, and we always reap later. If we pray and meditate, sow to the Spirit, we’ll reap spiritual things. “We must not grow weary of well doing, because in due season we’ll reap.” We get weary because we don’t sow the right things. We reap quick on a hot stove but in the Law of the harvest, we wait.  I have known many faithful one, where only after their death, their children and grand-children came to the Truth.  Then he who reaps sparingly, shall reap sparingly. One man said he sowed the seed (lawn) so thick that the weeds could not grow, and in our lives, we should sow so thick the weeds can not grow. We cannot explain away; what we sow, we will reap.


The Law of Mercy. James 2:13, "For he shall have judgment without mercy, that has showed no mercy" ….and mercy rejoices against judgment. There was a lady that went to have a photograph; when she saw it she said, "It doesn’t do me justice." The photographer said, "Madame, you need mercy and not justice." Mercy is not saying wrong is right, and it is not just sweeping something under the carpet, but it is a chance, another chance to do what’s right; to change to do better. Mercy is not forgiveness, but we do what’s right so that the Lord will forgive us. Revelation 2:21, I gave her space to repent. Mercy is a space the Lord gives to repent. A companion of mine always urged to err on the safe side – of Mercy, rather than justice, but we know it is better not to err. But it is better to be too merciful; and to trust too much. Who shows no mercy, will be shown no mercy. It is not for us to judge how others treat us but how we treat others. I am grateful God gives us a space.


The Law of Love, is the fundamental law of the Kingdom – John 15, "A new commandment I give you, that you should love one another; by this shall men know that you are My disciples, by the love you have for one another." That last night with Jesus, the disciple’s hearts were troubled, and they thought of the difficulties they would have to face. He didn’t give them rules and regulations but the last thing He gave was the Law of Love and that is the greatest force and the thing that pleases the Lord and binds us to one another. In music, with tuning fork, we tune instruments, i.e, a violin, in on ”A.” If we both are tuned to the same key, we are also in tune with one another. The Law of Love is: if I love the Lord as I should and you love the Lord as you should, we will love one another as we should. We can’t be out of tune with one another and be in tune with the Lord.


The Law of Success, - without me, you can do nothing. John 15:3, without the Lord, we are like a branch cut off the stem, or like an arm cut off; we must have the Savior with us. Before a meeting, we must also feel, "If the Lord goes not with us, let us not go up.We must have the Savior with us. “Abide in Me,” his name is Emmanuel – God with us! It is all impossible with man but possible with God.


These Laws are not suggestions and not optional – we can defy them but eventually no one is going to get away with anything, but obedience brings happiness.

Hymn 404, "There Is No Gain But By A Loss"