Harold Hilton - Olympia I, Washington Convention - 2018

When the gospel seed was planted in our hearts - that was done by God and the ministry. Then, we are responsible for the depth, and the direction, and the distance of our roots. When we fail in these things, God hasn’t let us down. We haven’t done our part.


In the parable, Jesus told about the sower and seed. Some people received the seed with joy and gladness. We endure for a while but because we had no roots in ourselves; tribulation and persecution comes along and we are offended.


I’m responsible for my roots! Young people, before you spread your wings, make sure you spread your roots. The roots come before the wings! We don’t find out we have roots until we try our wings. Then we’re thankful we have some stability. Remember, we’re responsible for the direction our roots are going.


In Hebrews, we read that when we fail in the grace of God, the root of bitterness starts to grow. To receive help, we have to be very honest. Offense is a choice. When a person fails in the grace of God, they choose offense.


When a person doesn’t fail in grace, they choose forgiveness. Reinforce the grace in our lives so we don’t sow the roots for bitterness but instead sow the roots of blessing!


Then everything will again line up and be true!