Harry Brownlee - Milltown II Convention - Evening Meeting, Thursday, August 19, 2004

Hymn 244, “My Heart is Resting” 


Mark 16:15 (“Go to Milltown”), believing always brings action.  He that is baptized - that is action.  You can be abundantly satisfied with everything that is brought into His house.  You must do your part. 

We need to obey the gospel.  You must live in the Truth - rather than explain it.  We have Jesus (even though we’re a non-denominational name)…when asked. 

The power of the gospel is awesome.  Power of a new day…a gentle power is Jesus.  We can be thankful for the power of the gospel.  We need to be responsible for bringing the fellowship of the gospel to everyone. 

By grace - you’re saved through faith.

God is fire - He brings a warmth to everything.  We can never let that fire go out. 

Cast all of your sins into the depth of the sea.  Acknowledge all of your sins to God and you will be forgiven. 

The Lord leads us, He guides us and every need will be met.  Don’t launch out on your own.  Be a humble saved person. True humility rips our hearts.  The hope of the gospel. 

The Lord is honest of reaching all of us. We must admit all of our sins. 

Revelations 14:6, another angel fly (i.e., just like the 2 workers going to a home to stay {story Harry told}).