Harry Brownlee - Milltown II Convention - Morning Meeting, Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hymn 206, “Gracious Redeemer” (Last 3 verses)


(Open for Testimonies)


Hymn 306, “He Waits for Thee”


Jeremiah 32:38-39, a choice, one way… right or wrong.  Be thankful for walking in the way…the perfect way.  We may fall, but we can rise once again.  If we are willing, God will give us grace to walk with Him.  God has given us “meeting shoes” (for us to walk in the way - His way).  He has made provisions for us to keep walking…with one heart and one way.  This is an unchanging way.  Physically we change, but the way does not.  We are the people of God.  Take every forward step to reach the heaven abode.  This way is a self-denial way…a praying people. 

Acts 16:17 / Matthew 7:14, “narrow is the way.”  I’ll do this for your good, but for also the good of your children.  You “train” up a child…a disciplined people.  Our commitment is with God…every Sunday morning. 

“Be ye courteous – one to another.”  This way is a courteous way with courteous people.  Know the training and use it wisely.  It would be said if they went to the world and were disciplined and then went back to the way and it wasn’t there. 

Public prayer should be brief. 

Have courage to know what is right and wrong and to say your mind (to your children, friend, etc.). 

Be of concern, even if the people are of “trained people.”  In a home, you will know if the home is harmonious.  You’ll know if workers are friends (just getting alone) or companions. 

Love teaches us how to give. 

Be thankful the way is still narrow.  This is a way that does not change us / humanly fashion or the ways of the world. 

Our leader is Jesus. 

There is power with prayer. 

The Father who sees in secret - so, people pray in secret sometimes.  Keep our meetings brief, sharp, and focused. 

Anything (this way) alive – it will not be dead. 

Pray from heart always, with an open and tender heart. 

Psalms 25:9, be meek.  Humility doesn’t need to be advertised.  It will be advertised itself.  Through one’s tears – we can show our humility.  We can only humble ourselves.  When we want help - we can go to an elder brother or elder sister.  It isn’t self of what one is, or what one has done. 

Psalms 139:24, an overwhelming way.  This way is a way that has no end.  “Man-made” ways are not in existence.  If they are - they’ve changed.  This way is everlasting. 

Enjoy the fellowship with a redeemed blood.  People aren’t telling what they’ve done, etc.  They’re only telling what He has done.  “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.”  God requires – 1) Simple honesty and 2) Walk humbly. 

Service means a lot to God.  Bring something to Sunday meetings - not from our hearts or thinking, but from God’s heart.  This is a heart religion.  If you have a lot in your heart - your brain doesn’t have to do a lot of talking.  The best faith is with those who are visiting / talking with pure-hearted people. 

Ask God for forgiveness, cleansing, and ask Him for us to submit more. 

One leader = Jesus.  We follow Him.  Humbly follow Him.  Keep “coming” unto Jesus.  Have a humble resignation.


Hymn 345, “I Will Journey All The Way”