Harry Brownlee - Trumpet - Elizabeth, Colorado Convention - 2000

This is a walking religion.  Churchianity is a talking religion.

It doesn't take brains to walk. It doesn't take money to walk.  It doesn't take education to walk.  It just takes willingness. 

"This way of God was never planned for lazy people." 

This is a living church only because there is a dying ministry.  The church will never go any farther than the Lord's servants go. 

We are not saved because we are walking in this way but we are walking in this way because we are saved.  

If we believe, then there is no other way to walk in.  Jesus didn't say I am a way, but He said, "I am the way."  

We don't need more than the Bible, we need more of the Bible.  

May God help us to stand upright in this house that God has sat us in.  

I am so thankful that after God redeems us He gives us the Holy Spirit to teach us.  

...seek His guidance.  Not of a couple of workers telling us where to go and where we can't go, what we can do and what we can't do, but the gentle Holy Spirit leading us into all truth and into all righteousness.  

There is no place for the coward in this truth of God.  Fear will immobilize anyone.  

Only when we are broken, our wills broken, and there is submission, can the light of this wonderful ministry and church shine through so that others can see it.  

I hope that we all really believe that the sacrifice of God is a broken spirit.  

We want the world to see that there is no uncertainty about what we believe or where we go.  

Ye are a chosen generation a royal people, a royal priesthood.  Royalty has privileges that commoners never had.  But commoners can go where royalty would never think of going.  Royalty brings wonderful privilege but awesome responsibility.  

The reason we have had so many drop outs in these last days is because some people have come to the fellowship, but they didn't come to Jesus.