Harry Holland - The Tabernacle

The outer court was 150 by 75 ft. The white linen curtain was 7.5 ft high. The pillars of the outer court were in sockets of brass. They had a silver cap on too and hooks that held the white linen up in line. God wants pillars that will hold up white linen (righteousness of Christ). The pillars were made of shittim wood. The brass sockets were a type of the judgment of God...that is a just judgment. They went into the forest and made it according to the plan, like God goes into the forest of humanity, seeking for those he can use.

The thing that made the pillars fit was the workmanship, and that is what makes us fit. God wants to find those that can be used to hold up righteousness. Every pillar was standing in line and standing upright. They held up exactly the same thing,the righteousness of Christ. The righteousness of flesh is filthy rags. He that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of God. Overcoming the world and self. Hold up something different than is found in the world.

The Priesthood camped on the East side. The tabernacle always faced East. It moved only in God's time. When the cloud moved, everyone knew they must get ready and move. There were 3,000,000 people. They all had to be in fellowship with what was carried on the inside and outside of the court. Hebrews 9 , this was an earthly tabernacle but a divine service. It was to point to Christ.

Door - Every sacrifice had to come in at the door. Every person that came to help had to come in through the door. Jesus said, "I am the door."  Everyone had to come in through Jesus. It was blue...a type of the canopy of heaven. Scarlet - the suffering of Jesus. He came out of Edom with his garments dyed red. Purple -the priestly and kingly side of Jesus. Exodus 25 ... The Priest was to be a true type of Christ, our great High Priest. Hebrews 9 - Fine twined linen...the righteousness that is seen in Jesus. There is only one door.

Altar - The brasen altar was of shittim wood overlaid with brass inside and outside. The first thing you saw was the altar of sacrifice. It had four horns. The horns are a type of the power of sacrifice.. Hebrews 3:4, this great power God has given to us, but we must give the sacrifice to bring the power into our lives.

Fire - the fire place was 77 ft. long and 7.5ft. wide. It had a grate and an ash pan. There was the pouring out of the ashes. Everything that was burned left only the ashes. The altar was carried on the shoulders of the Levites the Kohathites. They were to keep their genealogy. The first sacrifice put on that altar every morning was a spotless lamb. This reminds us of the lamb of God. He was the sin bearer and the sin offering. Laver - The brasen laver was of brass. It was made from the looking glasses of the women. The foot was 3 feet high. We would call it a wash stand. A large basin sat on the top. They could not touch anything inside till they had washed their hands and feet. They must have the cleansing of the water of the word. The need of taking clean steps. Washing their feet in John 13. It was made of looking glasses and you could see you needed cleansing. After he had washed he put a lamb on the altar the first thing in the morning. The covered part was 45 ft. long and 15 ft. wide. The holy place was 15 ft. high, 15 ft. wide, 15 ft. long. The outside covering was badger skins. In history and also in the margin it says seal skins. It was 60 ft. by 45 ft. That was the heavy curtain. No man puts new wine into old bottles.. It was perfectly water proof. It was fastened down with rings. 3rd covering - was rams skins dyed red--the suffering of the lamb of God. He had a garment dipped in blood. The 2nd curtain was goats hair. There were 11 curtains of these, one was doubled over and covered the front. The goats reminds us of the Passover offering--they were to take a lamb from the sheep or from the goats and that was the Passover lamb. There was the dual of Christ. The goat was like the human side, and no one ever put one spot on that. The lamb was the type of the divine side.

1st covering - was blue, purple, scarlet and fire twined linen (white). The goats hair is a type of the perfect humanity of Christ. The priest had to take fire off the altar, and carry it in and put it on the little altar of incense to offer every morning. This is a type of the prayers of the saints. The prayers of Jesus were the sweetest incense ever offered on any altar. There were 4 horns, which are a type of the power of prayer. Sacrifice - does bring power and prayer brings power, not only to the one praying, but also to the one he prayed for. One day every year a drop of blood was put on it--it teaches us of the power of the the blood of Christ. It was shittim wood overlaid with gold. There were rings of gold and staves through it. It was carried on the shoulders of the Kohathites.

Candlestick - was of solid gold to hold up something that was giving light. There were three branches on each side and one in the center. They were not round but after the shape of an. Almond, so a wick would fit into it. Each morning they were cleansed and only pure olive oil was used. Where do we get light? From our great High Priest. "I am the light of the world." There was only one candlestick. God held in his hand the seven churches and every one was a light in that part where they were.

Shewbread -Table of Shewbread was made of shittim wood overlaid with gold. Also a crown of gold. Staves went through it. They carried it on the shoulders. every Saturday morning there were twelve loaves put on it. The High Priest put the bread on the table. David was not asking for bread off the table of Shewbread, but that which already had been taken off, because fresh was put on. "I am the living bread that came down from heaven that a man may eat thereof and not die."

Boards - were 27 inches wide. They would have come from some very large trees There were twenty on each side and six on the West end and corner one. They were shittim wood (human), 5 covered with gold (divine), standing in silver sockets. They were standing on redemption ground. That is the only safe place to stand. They had 5 rings and staves ran through. It would be hard to get these tress cut down and over laid with gold and the rings put in. No person can work out their own salvation unless they allow God to put something in them. He has to put something in us. so as to have something to work out. If you do not put seed in the ground that ground could not work out anything. The staves were making the boards stand. They were a type of the Levites and God's inspired ministry. The boards couldn't have stood with out them. God makes provision to keep us in line and standing upright. They were out of the same material as the boards.

Ephesians 4, the staves are a type of Apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors or shepherds. Every board was covered with gold that all His people could see. The rings were solid gold and attached to the boards. The center ring would be divine love. The ring was wrapped about it--be wrapped up in the love of God. Not human love. Faith works by love. Another ring is faith. Be wrapped up in the faith of Jesus. They were pure gold, divine. The other rings could be mercy, truth, and grace.

Veil - the veil separated the holiest place which was 50 by 15 ft. It hung on 4 pillars. These pillars were 15 feet high and had gold hooks. They were standing in silver sockets. They held up the veil. The veil rent in twain when Jesus died and opened up the way into the presence of God.

The High Priest went in there once a year. He took the blood of a bullock and sprinkled it 7 times on the mercy seat and before the mercy seat for the sins of the Priesthood
The ark was made out of shittim wood overlaid with gold. The Ten Commandments were in it. It was God's law. The lid was the mercy seat. There were two cherubims. They had their wings over the mercy seat. The mercy seat was solid gold and the cherubims were solid gold. Under their wings their hands were folded in prayer. They took two goats and cast lots--one for the Lord and one for the scape goat. Azazel means one that beareth away. The one goat was taken and his blood put on the altar of incense. Before he did this, he had to wash and be clothed in linen clothed in righteousness. He had to wash first. He could not cover up any uncleanness.

There was the blood of the bullock for the sin of the priesthood. The blood of the goat for the sin of the people. He took the living goat, laid his two hands on his head, and laid upon him all the sin . The sin was taken into the wilderness of Gods' forgetfulness. No man was ever fitted to do that but Jesus. Jesus was the sin offering and also the sin bearer. Micah 7:19, Isaiah 58:1, Hebrews 15:11. The body of the bullock and goat was a type of Christ and his death and how he went outside the camp. Why did He go outside the camp? Because there was no clean place on the inside. Outside the religious camp, in Mathew 23... He said, "Woe unto you" - He was dealing with the very best in the Jewish religions, but there was no clean place inside. Leviticus - the clean place. God wants to lead us out of the selfishness and all that lacks the spirit. God gave us a perfect redemption with a perfect redeemer. A perfect salvation with a perfect Saviour. Little vessels were for the supply of oil. In the Holiest place was a golden pot of manna, so that people would know He had fed the people in the wilderness. It was a type of angel's food. There was also Aaron's rod that budded.