Harry Oliver - Sidney, Manitoba Convention - Friday Evening, November 6, 1914

II Kings 7, this famine was a terrible thing. It came through the rebellion of the people. It shows the unbelief this man had when he came to Elisha.

Elisha was able to give them the assurance of what God could do for them, but it came in a very different way from what they expected. It came through the leprous men. The only hope for them was to get up and face the enemy. They were willing to get up and do the thing that seemed impossible to their own eyes. The other man was looking on the impossibility of things and the judgment of God was poured on that man.

It was in the twilight they did it. Unwillingness to go up and obey may be hindering God from feeding us. They were willing to take the step in the dark. Some people only obey God when they see clearly. When Abraham was called, he went out not knowing whither he went.

A famine in the natural is very serious but far more serious in the spiritual when there is so much and we are not in the condition where He can feed us because of our stiffness.