Harry Oliver - Sidney, Manitoba Convention - Tuesday Evening, November 10, 1914

Deuteronomy 8, he speaks of the commandments and tells them of all God’s mercy and grace in the past.  This chapter is full of promises and hope, but on the condition that they keep true.  We have been seeing how much depends on the future and putting into practice what we have heard.  They were reminded of the time they were brought out of Egypt and out of bondage.  We should think of the time God sought to win and woo us.  It is enough to keep us soft and tender. 

We need to pray the Lord to keep His thoughts and desires there as we go through the wilderness.  All the testing is to humble us.  God cannot work in a proud heart.  He wants to bring us to the place where we let Him have His way.  This speaks to us that man doesn’t live a human life alone; that was not His purpose.  His eternal purpose for us was to learn and know by experience that it is by the bread of life we live in the truest sense.  The things in the natural there are what we are getting in the spiritual today. 

After we have received these blessings, we need to beware.  It speaks of the habitation we can have in God’s testimony, a place where He dwells.  The wilderness experience is the hard experience He leads us through that He might be able to bring out living waters.  We can see His interest is in our latter end.  How much of the life and nature of His Son has been revealed in us?  We need to keep our eye on the thing God keeps His eye on.


Verse 17, All we understand of the truth never helps us unless we put it into practice.  What has made false prophets has been men yielding to their own deceitful hearts.  We need to fear lest we take the praise to ourselves rather than give it to God.


Verse 18, God is anxious to give us this power that we may get eternal riches He gives in Jesus Christ.  After we get saved, we have power to go on and get riches.  It we go on in a half-hearted way, we will never get much.  God has chosen the weak things, the people that have come to the place where they see there is nothing in themselves.  Nothing of ourselves can bring any honor unto God; it is only as it is brought to the altar and sacrificed.  We need to take the same warning that Moses was giving here, lest we depart from the living God.