Helen Edmund - Brisbane, Australia Convention - 2018

Psalm 85:8, “I will hear what God the Lord will speak; for He will speak peace unto His people, and to His saints; but let them not turn again to folly.” I would like to have the same attitude as the Psalmist had said, "I will hear." I know God will speak peace and I long to hear the message that has peace in it. Even if the message is telling me things I do not want to hear, and things I do not want to see, that I have seen things in the work I did not want to see. It says, "I will hear," and he was willing to hear and he had the attitude to accept every word that proceeded from the mouth of God. He will speak peace and there was no doubt about it. To question the word we hear, to refuse the spirit and the dealing with us and not doing all the things that God would prompt us about is the fastest way to lose our peace. May be that has happened but today and these days, this peace can be restored again. The peace of a perfect trust.

I have been thinking about this peace and it seems so closely knitted to faith. Faith and peace just seem to go together. Faith in the Word of God, faith in the word we are listening to and faith in the dealings of the spirit with us. Peace in the spirit in dealing with us and it brings peace into our soul. World leaders are searching and pleading for peace and cannot find it and never will, and yet God’s people have peace and we are gathered here today peaceably.

A little boy this year of four years old said to me, "I have no worries." It is the first time I knew a little four-year-old would ever have worries, but he said, "The reason is my Father can do everything and my Father knows everything." Then he looked at me and said, "Have you got a Father like that?" I told him, "Yes, I do and my Father is in heaven and that is God the Father and He knows everything and He can do everything."

When I thought about this yesterday, I remember when I was in school and I was only very young and coming home school one day and I found a little rainbow bird laying on the path and I plucked up the courage to pick it up and take it home. My mother met me and she was horrified. She said, "Throw it away as it is dead." I rushed past her and went into my father’s office and I said, "My Father will fix it." I had a father like the little boy had and I had a father that could do everything and knew everything. My father never betrayed my trust and took the little bird and he spread out its wings and showed me the colour of the rainbow. He just said, "Leave it with me." Tthis is the Father we are coming to today and I don’t know what happened but I could have believed that bird will just flew away. Because my father could do everything. That it is the Father we have come to today that can do exceedingly abundantly of all we could ask or think. It is a beautiful thing and it just brings peace flooding into our souls. Just to think we are in the presence and in the hand of One who can do anything, and the One that knows everything. Maybe we have come with searching and wondering and we can leave it with our father and peace will come. That is the peace of a perfect trust.

I read about Rebekah in Genesis 27 and when she said to Isaac that day and I am weary of my life and because of the daughters of Heth. Verse 46, “And Rebekah said to Isaac, 'I am weary of my life because of the daughters of Heth; if Jacob take your wife of the daughter of Heth such as these which are the daughters of the land what good shall my life do me?'” I wondered what was wrong with the daughters of Heth. They so wearied Rebekah. The sons were very kind to Isaac when Sarah died and here she is saying she is weary of the daughters of Heth. Heth was a descendant of Ham and he was one of Noah’s sons and he was not a Jew and he was not a Gentile and Nimrod was one of the descendants of Heth. Rebekah could see well past the present and into the future generations and she was worried that Jacob may destroy himself and become involved with what was not of the Kingdom of God. We admire parents who have the courage to take steps to direct their children in the right course, and not letting them become involved with the things that are going to destroy them and things that don’t belong to the kingdom of God. Isaac never had the same vision and may be had not heard the things that Rebekah had heard. He cooperated and supported Rebekah and they sent Jacob away and that was the beginning of Jacob’s history and the beautiful story of the children of Israel.

I was thinking of the time in Joseph’s experience when he was in the dungeon and Pharaoh had had those two dreams and he did not know what they meant so he sent for all the physicians in Egypt and they could not help him. He sent for the wise man and their wisdom did not stretch that far either and he did not know what to do. Than the head Butler remembered Joseph, he remembered the time he shared with Joseph in the dungeon and he sent for Joseph and when Joseph came and Joseph said, "It is not in me. God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace," and the answer was one of peace. Joseph told Pharaoh about things he needed to do and to start right away. These days of plenty lay-up and keep in store for the day to come. Pharaoh heeded that good advice and the days of famine they came and the day when there was a great need. Only because of the answer of peace that Pharaoh had listened to and acted upon and the message had come from the heart of God.

I was thinking of the experience in the days of the disciples and when they were sad and sorry and lonely and fearful after the crucifixion of Jesus. Those on a walk from Emmaus and had talked to Jesus and was unaware that it was Jesus that they were communicating with and they heard the Scriptures being unravelled for them. Jesus broke bread for them and they said afterwards, "Did not our heart burn within us when he talked with us when He opened the Scriptures to us and it did something for us?" Something within our heart was burning within us and they could hardly describe it as it was all so wonderful. They said that women came and told them that the tomb was empty and what now where do we go from here. Those two came into Jerusalem and gathered with the eleven and others of the disciples.

While they were there talking together and Jesus drew near and His simple message was, "Peace be unto you." Jesus did not reprimand them for the lack of faith and their feeling of weariness. Then they just turned to see Jesus and Jesus showed them His hands and His feet and what a beautiful thing and what a wonderful assurance this indeed was Jesus of Nazareth. The Jesus they had listened to and they had seen His miracles and had known about them. They had loved Him and followed Him. This indeed was the Jesus and the Jesus they had seen hanging on the cross and nailed to the cross and Jesus is living and walking and talking amongst them. He opened the scripture to them and broke bread with them and what a wonderful experience.

As we have gathered in these meetings today and what God is wanting to do is to lift Jesus up to us. The One we believed in, in the beginning and the One we trust in today and He is the living, willing, triumphant Jesus. We are living and trusting in something that is eternal and something whose foundation is sure, and something that will go on in to eternity. May our hearts respond to the gentle persuasion of the spirit of God and may respond to the word of God and peace that passeth all understand will be with us. For His Sake.