Herbert Disher - Picton Convention - Friday Afternoon, June 23, 1950

Romans 8:13, no enemy is as great to fight as ourselves.  God cannot help us until we come to the place that we realize that in ourselves dwells no good things.  Joseph made choices to deny himself and to allow God to work in his life.  Stephen said of Joseph, “But God was with him.”  This was what enabled him to face the many things in Egypt.  When he let God overrule, it was to him eternal benefit.  It would be nice if we could face every experience in life with the thought in mind that it would be to our eternal good.  It would be good if we had hearts that would smite us when we take false steps.  Some say that we are only young once, and why not have a good time when we can, but it is nice if we can think that we are only young once and years of wasted life will come no more.  Our years of usefulness are passing by.


If we get the victory in the secret place, the outside battles are easily won.


When Saul was coming to the end of his life, he was fearing the enemy and he had no God to help him.  How sad it would be if we were in this condition.