Hilda Landen - Portadown, Ireland Special Meetings - 2011

In Colossians 2:5, Paul spoke of their order and steadfastness.  I would long as God looks down, He would see the same order and steadfastness in my life.  Lately, I was at home longer than usual and when I woke one morning I said that I would have to keep in my life the order of a servant of God.  I was in the place where I did not want to be but I did not want to lose the order of a servant of God.  For every one of us, an order and steadfastness is necessary.  We may have order here in the meeting but what matters is the daily order we need to have in our lives.  It pleases God and brings us blessing.  The order is to keep God first.  God looks down and we know that He looks for this order.  We live in a world with very little order, as we say there is no law or order.  We wouldn't want to have no order in our daily lives before God.  People these days are so busy.  They are rushing around but there is no order.  In today's world, there is a casual spirit and a casual attitude that never was before.

We all sang the hymn, "Begin the day with God."  If we followed that hymn, we would have good order in our lives.  We would begin the day, go through the day, and end the day with God.  That would be pleasing to God.  If we do this day after day, there would be an order to our lives and we would get blessing. As we go among God's people, we love to see those with an order in their lives.  It is really beautiful as God comes first.  As God's servants, we too need to keep an order in our lives.  We may be very busy and what we do may be all right but we wouldn't want to get away from the order of keeping God first.  We don't want to get casual or lazy.  We like to see order in the home on Saturdays.  From a child, I knew about it.

On Saturday evening, God had to come first.  After Dad died, Mum and I were having breakfast about eight o'clock.  Mum said she wanted to keep the order in the home that Dad kept.  We appreciated those who kept order in their lives and when they spoke in the meeting, they had something to say that was weighty.  It came at a great cost because God came first.  There will be a great reward for putting God first.  He is no man's debtor.

We heard about Daniel.  He prayed and gave thanks as he did aforetime.  He had an order in his life and he was going to keep it at any cost even if it meant his life being taken.  Abraham, and so many great men we read of, all had an order in their lives.  Abraham kept God first.  Whatever God wanted, he did it.  When making the altar to sacrifice Isaac, he laid the wood in order.  He could have done it casually but he had respect for God.  We can't order this but we are responsible for keeping an order in our own lives.  It is not for us to lord over God's heritage but we have to order our own little patch.

Paul, in writing to Timothy, spoke about bishops and the need to rule their own homes.  He was to keep order in his home, otherwise he couldn't take care of the Church.  He was to take care of the Church and rule his own home.  We can give guidance to others but we must order ourselves.  The enemy wants us to do anything but keep God first in our lives.  There is so much to occupy our minds but we must keep God first.  May our steps be ordered in His love and, if we have true love for God, our lives will be in order.  I want to keep God in the centre of my life.