Home Again - November 2004

Our dear Friends,

We are just back from our convention and from the first meeting we heard, "Open your mouth wide and I will fill it."  We were told of the little birds in the nest, the mother bird comes near and, as soon as the little ones hear the sound, open go their mouths and they just want to receive because it is their life.  We were told that Jesus can give us complete satisfaction if we will come to Him and we were not disappointed for this is the source of joy.  So glad that we are drinking of the well that is ever springing, feasting on the bread so rich and so free and receiving of the untold wealth that will never fail.  So nice to be able to go showing that we are enjoying life with Him.


The testimony that fed our hearts was from a Sister who is in a very isolated place, meets with two others for fellowship but has fellowship with the Lord, told of how the Lord showed her something that He wanted her to give up, it was not something wrong or sinful but she was spending a lot of time on it, so she argued with the Lord and said that she did not feel it was necessary to leave it, so she lost her peace and her joy.  So after some time she became willing and said to the Lord, "Yes, I am willing to let it go."  Then such a peace came into her soul, such joy that it was all worth it.


It shows me the importance of having a love relationship with Christ our Bridegroom, not serving by law but by love.  A verse that has opened up to me is the following, John 14:15 The King James version says, "If ye love me, keep my commandments."  This means in that we prove that we love Jesus by keeping his commandments, it is focussing on what we are doing.  In the New King James version it says, "If you love me you will keep my commandments."  This is now focussing on what Jesus has done and is doing by loving us first.  It means that if we are so in love with Jesus ourselves we will not be able to sin or not keep his commandments as we would forfeit the relationship we have with Jesus and we cannot do that.


Just this with all good wishes and love in Him, 

Ann and Bram