Horace Culwich - Afternoon Meeting, Special Meetings, Brockville, Ontario, Canada - November 29, 1936

There is great need for us to go through the grinding.  There is cutting down in our lives and we are willing for the cutting down.  

Then comes the Harvest.  God was like the Wave Offering when he was dying on the Cross.  He was willing.  He was willing to die and then in 50 days there was the Feast of the Tabernacle. 

We do not know the possibility of these Meetings today.  God’s people can help a great deal with the missions in prayer.  As thinking of Meeting, the thought of Abraham in Genesis 12 chapter.  God called…out of the confusion so that we could serve Him. 

Sykim means shoulder blade.  When we get to know God there is a change of government in our lives, and God is governing our lives now, not Satan.  We are not satisfied with the government in our lives when we change it. 

Moreh means teaching.  Abraham had come to the place where he was willing to be a scholar.  We all begin in the Way of God by a scholar or child.  Children are submissive and obedient.  This is the way we continue with God.  A child is easily led and easily taught.  Abraham was willing to be led and taught by God. 

The Canaanite and the Perizzite were in the land too.  These are the enemies of God.  As we go on, we see more enemies to fight against.  Canaanite means low dwellers.  God wants us to set the standard High and fight up to it. 

May we be one that the Lord can depend on.  The Devil is always busy after Special Meetings.  No need for any to fall.  God’s mercy is sufficient.  Keep on the altar of Sacrifice.  Keep our lives upon God’s altar of Sacrifice and help.  If we make progress, we will have to make new Sacrifice because there is just the ashes left from the old ones.  There is little Sacrifice in our own lives. 

Bethel - House of God.  Hai - heap of ruins.  These two are possible in our own lives today also. We could still finish in a heap of ruins.  This should put a fear in all our hearts.  Abraham took all the warnings.  Abraham went South and he came into a famine.  He didn’t think he could go west and be a house for God and he didn’t want to go east to a heap of ruins and when he went south he had no dealings with God.  He had a famine in His heart.  When Egypt was first mentioned he went down to Egypt and now this time he went up.  He came back to the place between Bethel and Hai. 

Keep heading for the House of God.  There was a strife between Abraham, Lot and Canaanite and the Perizzites.  There were more enemies creeping in.  Do not cause strife.