Howard Mooney - Micah

The prophet Micah (whose name means, “Who is like unto Jehovah?”) inspired people to see the greatness of our God.  The corruption in the world of his day was comparable to ours. 

Chapter 2 tells of the corruption of the political and business world.

Chapter 3 of the religious world.

Chapter 7 of the pleasure and social world – even in family life. 

A child of God does not need to be apprehensive about the events of this world, because the promises of God to His people are not relative to surrounding conditions. 

II Corinthians 1:19-20, there are no hidden clauses.  God always says, “Yes”  (“I can do it”)  and “Amen” … regardless of circumstances. 

Micah 6:6-7, the religious world has taught and still teaches that your sacrifice will make your life acceptable.  The Bible teaches that your life will make your sacrifice acceptable.  The idea of giving your firstborn for the sin of your soul came from the worship of Baal.  Parents had to witness the killing of their baby by the priest.  If they cried out or showed any other sign of emotion, then they would have to give their secondborn, also.  There is nothing more cruel, demanding and inhumane than some of the practices of the religious world.  The Lord has already given His firstborn so that little child of yours might have blessing instead of annihilation.  “Who is like unto Jehovah?” 

icah 2:12-13, the “breaker” is a shepherd’s helper who goes in among a large flock of sheep and separates them so that each sheep may pass alone before the shepherd for his individual inspection and care.