Howard Mooney - Miracles

John 6:1-14, these verses speak of a miracle. The feeding of the five thousand, with those few loaves and fishes, was a real miracle. We are often asked if the age of miracles is past. NO!!! As long as God exists, there will be miracles because everything that God does is a miracle.

I often say that I cannot tell you what causes miracles, but I can tell you WHO causes them! If we understand what causes a thing, then it is no miracle. Maybe we could use, for example, the Catholic church. It is no miracle. We know what makes it function. Plenty of brains, lots of money, and very hard work. As far as organizations go, it is a powerful one. It has existed for over 1,600 years. It is the largest of the denominations. But, it is no miracle. Men have contributed very much, they have planned with all the craft and cunning they possess, and an enormous lot of hard work has been expended - and there you have the Catholic Church. No miracle! Just a powerful organization.

But God performs Miracles! The sun, moon and stars are all miracles. How they keep their places is a miracle. The way which God's church exists is also a miracle. the true ministry is a miracle. How they get their education which enables them to see eye for eye is a miracle. Where they get their sermons is a miracle. How they are supported is a miracle. The love they have for souls is a miracle.

The ministry you see in the religious world, on the other hand, is no miracle. You well know where that ministry gets its education. You know where they get their sermons, and how they get their support. There is no miracle at all in that picture. But God's true ministry is a miracle from beginning to end. The members of the Lord's church, who are not ministers, are just as great a miracle as the ministers are. The way they got into the church is a miracle.

Only by the miracle of God actually speaking to the individual and creating a new life within, can any person become a member of God's church. The fellowship meetings are a miracle. Those who speak in meeting are telling of things that God has taught them. It is not what they imagined, but is what God taught them. That is why their testimonies ALL blend together. The Lord's people know, that only by a miracle, can they hope to continue on in the pathway.

That is what is taught in this 6th chapter of John. Jesus and his disciples were on the mountain at this time. There was no normal supply of food there. Only a miracle could have provided it. Now, again, we have a contrast. Verse four tells us that the Passover feast of the Jews was nigh. The Jews had a big organization, plenty of food, plenty of entertainment, but no miracle. In comparison, the disciples had very little or what seemed very little. But they did have the Lord, and He could work miracles! I would much rather belong to a church that, though they have little outward show, do have the Lord. He can always provide what is needed.

In verse 53, Jesus spoke of His flesh and His blood. According to verse 63, His flesh was typical of His word. He was the "Word made flesh." The quickening performed by His word, and the cleansing of His blood, is all that His people need to keep them in the way. The miracle of it all is that His people are satisfied with that provision, and with that WAY.

The greatest miracle in the New Testament was the raising of Jesus from the dead. The greatest miracle in our own experience will be the raising of our mortal bodies, by the Spirit from Him that now dwells within us. The poor Pharisee church preferred their organization to the WAY of Jesus. That was a sad mistake. They remained dead in trespasses and sins, in spite of their religious zeal, because they had no miracle to quicken them. On the resurrection morning, they will also remain in their graves, because there will be no miracle to raise them. They will be numbered among the "rest of the dead" mentioned in Revelation 20:5.

It is a miracle that I am in the Lord's family. It is a miracle that I am in the work of God. It is a miracle that anyone gets saved. It is a miracle that the Lord's people are satisfied with His Way. It is a miracle that they are held together as "one." It is a miracle that we will get to heaven. Yes, I believe in miracles. Because, in God's Way, we have miracles!!