Howard Mooney - Saving the Situation

There are several men and women mentioned in the Bible, who were instruments of righteousness in the hand of God. In each case the Lord used them to save the situation! They were men and women whose interest in the Kingdom exceeded their own interests. In some cases, they jeopardized their own lives in order that the situation might be saved, and that the work of God might go forward. Following are some of them whose efforts seemed to be outstanding.

MOSES, Exodus 32:10-4 (Psalm 106:23). Had Moses been seeking his own interests, he would have let the Lord go ahead with what He had determined to do. It would have magnified his own name. He proved by his intercession, however, that his love for souls was greater than his love for self. Normally, we think of God pleading with men to be more compassionate with each other. Here was Moses pleading with God to be more patient with these needy people. This moved the heart of God ..... and it saved the situation!

ABIGAIL, I Samuel 25:21-34. David on this occasion was not fighting the Lord's battle. Had this been so, then he would have been justified in pursing the course he had set out to take. David was out for personal revenge, and this could never be approved in the sight of God. Nabal had insulted David, and had mistreated his servants, and David was out for revenge, verses 10-13. Had he done this, it would have left a blot on his own testimony. Abigail, realizing this, reasoned with him in such a touching manner that it changed David's mind ..... and it saved the situation!

THE SONS OF ZADOK, Ezekiel 48:11-12. These sons of Zadok are mentioned in another place. In each reference, it simply said of them that they "went not astray." They turned neither to the right hand nor to the left. There is one sad thought in this story. It is concerning the Levites. It strongly suggests that the children of Israel went astray,
because the Levites had gone astray. Instead of them being an inspiration to the Lord's people, they had only hindered them. These sons of Zadok had done nothing spectacular. They just kept true to their charge which God had given them, regardless of what the others did. They went not astray ... and God was able to use them ... and it
saved the situation! Now the Lord was rewarding them with this special consideration.

BARNABAS, Acts 15:37-39. The background of this story is that John Mark had started out into the Work, and had later on gone back home, Acts 13:13. Now Barnabas, who was Mark's uncle, wanted to take him back into the Work again. Apparently Mark had realized his mistake, and was anxious for another chance. Paul felt that the risk was too
great, in the light of the long journey they were contemplating, so Paul took Silas with him. Barnabas went ahead and took Mark, and it is good to notice that Mark made good this time. Paul acknowledged this in II Timothy 4:11. It was the love of God in the heart of Barnabas, no doubt, that moved him to act as he did in this crisis ... and it saved the situation!

These messages have really gone home to my own heart. We find ourselves often in similar situations. Decisions have to be made, and often they are very far reaching.

One would like to be so governed by the Spirit of God that, in each crisis, we would be moved to act in such a way that would "save the situation."