Howard Mooney - The Slothful

The word slothful comes from the SLOTH, a very inoffensive little animal. It never disturbs anybody with its noise, because it doesn't make any noise. It doesn't get in your way, because it spends most of its time hanging in a tree. It never offends anybody with its odour, because it doesn't have any. No, the sloth isn't guilty of offending anybody, but it just never gets around to doing anything else, either!

Proverbs 12:27, the slothful [man] roasteth not that which he took in hunting.

It speaks to me of SLOTHFULNESS IN MEDITATION. The man had gone hunting, but just never got around to roasting it. He was hunting for the right thing: meat. Some people only go hunting for trophies! When you're reading the Bible, are you looking for food or are you looking for trophies (something to impress others that you are such a good Bible student)??

A minister and his wife were converted after 42 years. After professing one year he said, "I have gotten more good out of the Bible this past year than all the 42 years I was in the pulpit. At first I wondered why, but now realize it's because as a minister, I was just reading it to get something for somebody else."

MEDITATION to a child of God is like ROASTING the meat.