Howard Mooney - Workers Meeting - Madras, India - 1974

Proverbs 30, I don't know of any type of meeting that one feels less like saying much in than in a Workers meeting. We have all gone through similar experiences and feel that there is not much that we can add to what our fellow-labourers have already proved in these experiences. I have enjoyed this 30th Chapter Proverbs very much. We find that there are six sets of four things mentioned there. Number four seems to signify completeness. There are four corners of the world. North, South, East, and West covering the complete world. Four seasons of the year covering the complete year, four parts in the greatest commandment. Four gospels covering the complete story of Jesus. Jesus spoke in the parable of the sower and the seed of four different kinds of ground, giving a complete overall picture of the conditions of the human heart. We are taught to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, giving a complete overall picture of what our worship to God should be. Three of the sets of 4 in this chapter give a complete picture of the conditions of the world. The other three sets of four give a complete picture of the wonderful possibilities in the family of God. Proverbs 30:18 and 19, here we have four things that are too wonderful. One of the words used most frequently by God's servants and people is the word wonderful. Isaiah 9:6, first name given to Jesus is wonderful. Here are the four things that are too wonderful.

1.            The way of an eagle in the air.

The eagle is not a good flier. The bald eagle is a massive bird, but still has not enough strength to fly far into the air in his own strength. The reason why eagles build their nests on the sides of a mountain where there is always a thermal draft of air flowing up the face of it. The eagle gets into that current and uses its limited strength to reach the upward draft that lifts it high into the heavens. The Prophet speaks of youth fainting and young men falling. That would speak of enthusiasm and strength failing. But those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up with wings as eagles. We too could reach with our limited strength at place of prayer and the unseen current can carry us on further. At the face of every mountain is an upward draft going right to the top. We can learn from this on the face of every spiritual mountain we face, there is the unseen power of God that lifts us up and over the difficulty. It’s wonderful to see people out of weakness to be made strong. And mountain experiences taken care of.

2.       The way of a serpent on a rock.

It camouflages itself and blends with the rock. The rock doing much for it. Has a way of lying on a rock getting heat from it at the same time keeping itself hidden. Jesus said to His disciples as He sent them out, "Be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves." The wisdom of the serpent is seen in that while sunning on the rock. You see only the rock not the serpent. Wonderful about Servants of God, as they live and speak, they do or say nothing to attract attention to themselves. But we only see the rock Jesus in them. Wonderful to see God's Servants and people keeping themselves and magnifying the rock in their lives.


3.       The way of a ship in the midst of the sea.

This was written when sailing vessels were in common use. A sailing vessel is very dependent on the wind to propel it forward. An old Sailor told me once what they dislike most was fair weather because they would sometimes wait for days in the middle of the ocean making no progress because of the fair weather. Always brings a seasoned sailor joy when they see a storm coming because he knows that by setting the sails properly, he can capitalize on the storm and make progress that would not be possible in fair weather. God has taught His people to capitalize on storms. We are able to look back and see how often it is that storms have done us good. We don't enjoy them at the time but by learning to set the sails properly we can benefit from every storm.

"One ship sails East another West by the self-same wind that blows,

Tis not the gales but the set of the sails that determine the way that she goes."

This another wonderful thing about the way of God.

4. The way of a man with a maid.

Message of the Gospel. Jesus our bridegroom and His people the Bride. Love will make people do what we could never be forced to do. No one forces us, just this impelling force of love. A hippy decided recently, his parents saw the great change in their son. Father said "What power have you that you have done this for our son that we could not do for him all these years?" Hearty U.S.A. soldier in Vietnam met professing girl, Vietnamese girl. Both wondered if this would work. Gave themselves 6 months and parted, for the time. Another case of absence making the heart grow fonder. The girl left her homeland and went to the man she loved. We see such in natural life and we can appreciate such in spiritual sense. Love in a Servant of God and people of God is one of the most wonderful things in the world. Agur said these 4 things were too wonderful for him to understand. Even a happy home life can settle down to the doldrums. Every year God gives His Servants something wonderful.

The four wonderful things we have considered in these verses are:

1.       The wonderful way that God provides an unseen power to lift His people above every mountain that they face.

2.       The wonderful way that God's people and Servants keep themselves hid in the background while magnifying the Rock Christ Jesus.

3.       The wonderful way we can turn every storm to our advantage and make progress as a result.

4.       The wonderful love that binds us to our Heavenly Bridegroom and moves us to do what all the money in the world could not entice us to do. Amen.


Two sisters talking to a man explaining how they preach the Gospel as Jesus sent His disciples. He said, "I wouldn't live like that for all the money in the world." They replied "Neither would I. Love moves us to do it."