Hubert Childers - Newry, Pennsylvania Convention - 1970

"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, etc," Philemon 2:5-9.  Thursday morning I tried to talk to you about the greatest responsibility and privilege that confronts us as God's people. That is, making our body a living place for him to dwell in; that God by His Spirit might dwell in these hearts of ours. That's the greatest privilege, that is the purpose of all these meetings that you and I might make a dwelling place for His Spirit. When that is done, we are on the right road and we are going in the right direction.

Today I would like to talk to you if I can, though I feel unable, but I would like to talk to you about true greatness as you and I become a dwelling place for His Holy Spirit. Paul said, "Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus." The marginal reading said he thought equality with God was not a thing to grasp at. In other words, Jesus was [in] Heaven before He came to this earth.

I have been surprised to find some of God's people do not know Jesus was in Heaven before He ever came to this earth. When He was in Heaven, there was confronting Him that which is confronting every person, this something of climbing up or climbing down There is that thinking of coming down. Climbing up to become equal with God is not what is set before us. He made himself of no reputation, that was done in Heaven, that choice, that decision was made in Heaven and He took upon Him the form of a Servant.

I would like to say to those who stood up in the meeting last night, our hearts were touched. Do you know what you did when you stood up in the meeting, if it was from your heart, you were surrendering your life to God and choosing to be a Servant of God? You will soon find in the coming future a desire to take your own way, to please yourself. I want to tell you something it said about Jesus, "I came down from Heaven not to do My Own will, but the will of My Father who sent Me." For 33-1/2 years, He did His Father's will. Not one time did Jesus do His own will.

Would it not be a wonderful thing if all of us here who have named His name would not do our own will. Will you remember Jesus our Saviour not one time did He take His own way. Always He did the will of His Father. May God help us to remember this in the future we have chosen the will of our Father, that it is always best. He will never, never disappoint us. He took upon himself the form of a servant. He became a man and He had another choice to make. Instead of climbing up, He came down.  As a man, there were two possibilities before Him. One was to climb up, to be a proud man, a rebellious man, but it said, "He humbled Himself." In Heaven, He humbled Himself, made Himself of no reputation. He did not become a proud man.

May I tell you in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is no place for pride. I want to talk to you and tell you what Jesus said when two of His disciples in Luke 9:46 came to Him. They said, "Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?" I don't blame those men for asking this question. I believe they had the wrong thought. I am almost sure they had the wrong thought. It was the thought of being in this world, or who would take over when Jesus was gone. If we don't understand a little about greatness in the Kingdom of Heaven, and this morning what I would like to talk to you about is true greatness and this is open to every person in this tent. God is no respecter of persons.

Jesus said, "Whosoever." What does that mean? Does it not mean anyone in this tent? "Whosoever shall humble himself as a little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven." The door is open to everyone.  True greatness is open to everyone. Does that not mean you and me and all the others? Did He designate certain persons? The mass is excluded. There are only a few who can be great. Isn't it nice God has ask us to come down and not up? If it was climbing up most of us would get nowhere. Someone has said it is difficult to be big enough to fill a place in this world, and in the Kingdom of God, it is difficult to be small or little enough to fill a place in the Kingdom of God. Any person can come down. If it was a matter of climbing up, we would not get very far.

When I was going to school, we used to sing a little song, "There is room at the top boys, you will always find room at the top." What was the moral of that song? That not many will be able to get to the top. I changed that little song after I professed and I sang, "There is room at the bottom Hubert, you will always find room at the bottom."  You and I in coming down will be becoming great.

If you could not see, you could humble yourself. If you could not hear, you could humble yourself. If you could not read a word in the Bible, you could always be humble. When those disciples said to Jesus, "Who is the greatest?" do you know what Jesus did?  He called a little child and set it in the midst and said, "Except you be converted, you have to, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Except you be converted you have to get your mind changed. That's why I am quite sure they had the wrong thought in their mind. "Whosoever will receive one such little child shall receive Me." That brought quite a responsibility on me when it dawned upon me. He was not talking about a little child, like in the meeting. He was talking to men and women who would become as a little child. Whosoever received him receives Me. He was talking about the ministry, and he did not say people would receive Christ, but that they receive me. That moves me, for all that is in me, that I would like to come down, I would like to become humble.

At our last convention in Texas as we did not have any Worker's meeting, but when the convention was over and all the Workers had gone to another convention, we, the Staff, met in front room of the convention home. We had a little meeting together. We talked about the fields and the problems that confront us and in the front of my mind was coming the thought "to become as little children." Texas is having a great privilege. I also thought that servants are as little children.

Oh! It's a wonderful privilege to us who are Servants of God to humble ourselves as little children and to become as little children. It is only God in us that can cause us to be humble as lambs and as sheep, simple enough, willing enough so that the working of God in us can bring truth. When Jesus was in Heaven, He said, "Being in the form of God, He thought it not robbery to be equal with God." He thought equality of God was not something to be grasp at.

He came into the world as a little babe. In Matthew 2, nine times you read of young children. Who was he talking about? About the One who became our Saviour, became our example, the One who came to show you and me the way to Heaven. Jesus came as a child. He lived those 33-1/2 years as a Servant. He died on the cross of Calvary, the Lamb of God. You know all those years He lived in this world, when He came to the end of it, He was the slain Lamb of God, slain for your sins and mine. A lamb is a helpless animal. Children, lambs and sheep are all helpless - none more dependant than a little child, a little lamb, a little sheep, Dependant on the Shepherd and a child on its parents. There's no one so sure of protection from the evil as the man or woman, boy or girl than one who will humble themselves. They have all the protection of Heaven.

Were you ever on a busy street when a child ran out into the street? What happened? You heard the brakes being put on. Many tried to protect that child. When you and I become as a little child in this work of God, in our relationship with Heaven, we have the protection of Heaven. In Matthew 2, when those wise men saw the child Jesus and went down and worshipped Him, they presented those treasures. God said to them, "You return to your country another way." Herod had said to them, "If you find Him, come and tell me so I can worship Him, too." Even though Herod had said he wanted to worship Him, he also wanted to kill Him. The wise men, after they saw Jesus, returned another way, and when Herod found out, he got very angry, and he was going to slay all those little boys. Later an angel spoke to Joseph and said, "Arise and flee to Egypt. Rachel was heard weeping for her children, would not be comforted. He could kill all the children but he could not take the life of that little Child. The enemy could take your life, but when you take the place of a little child, you have the protection of Heaven from the enemy of your soul.

Isaiah 9, "Unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulders." Whose shoulders? Was it on some fellow who was a great fellow, who is so able, he knows so much? No, it is to be on our shoulders, on those who become as a little child. It says, "His name was to be called wonderful." It is surely wonderful. He was called the Counselor, the mighty God, the Prince of peace and to His Kingdom and peace there will be no end. Oh! That is true peace. That's the only peace in this world. People are greatly concerned about peace, but as long as this world continues, there will be wars and rumors of wars, When you surrender to God, those who stood to their feet last night, there is a peace in your heart today and there will be no end to it.

I would like to tell you briefly about Mary, when the Angel appeared to her, that Angel said "Hail Mary, thou art highly favored among women." She was afraid. There is something that makes us afraid when spoken to face to face by God. There is something about God speaking that makes any of us afraid. The Angel said, "Fear not, Mary," and then he told her she would be the Mother of the Christ, and the Angel told her He would be great, He would save His people from their sins, He would sit on the throne of David, and to His Kingdom there would be no end, it would be forever.

Not long after that child was born, when that man in Luke 2, (Simeon) said, "A sword shall pierce through thine own soul, also." You know what he was preparing her for? He was preparing her for days when He was despised and rejected and when He was in Pilate's judgment hall. Then, there was the time when with a few women she stood off alone and there she saw the nails in His hands and His feet and the spear pierced in His side. I can hear her say, "Is this what the Angel called greatness?" It was greatness that One would dare to die for others. She saw Him die and she saw Him put in the tomb and soldiers to guard it. She had heard Him cry, "It is finished." She did not have to wait long until she heard a message that He was risen. You and I will not have to wait long until we see the greatness of God. She had the privilege of seeing Him for 40 days; and 40 days later, she saw Him ascend to Heaven. Mary was saying in her heart, "Yes, He is great, to His Kingdom, there will be no end."

I am telling you this to try and help you understand the value of all the days we live in this world of humbling ourselves coming down, spoken against, being misrepresented in this world, reminding us that leads to the greatness of God and the eternal reward of Heaven. May you never try to climb up. The devil tried to climb up, he rebelled in Heaven, he exalted himself above everything that is called God, but you know it only meant he was brought down and cast into the Lake of Fire and burned with fire and brimstone. There's no room for bigness in this Kingdom of God. Jesus is always will be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. I am trying to show you this, that you are not exempted of being great in the Kingdom.

Jesus was the highest and came down the lowest. He humbled Himself more than any man or woman. In Philemon 2:10, it tells us, "That at the name of Jesus, every knee should bow of things in Heaven, and things in the earth." Isaiah 11 is still talking about this Son. It tells about seven things of the Spirit of the Lord:  wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge and fear of the Lord. In Revelations 1, you read about the spirits. As a result of those seven spirits working, the wolf and the lamb shall dwell together; the leopard and the kid shall lie down together; the calf and the young lion, etc. How did that ever come about?

I am thinking of a little Church and some people in that little Church may have nature of a wolf.  They differ.  Some may be like a leopard so that if anything crosses their path they leap upon them. It says, "A Child shall lead them." It must touch the heart of God to see a group of people gathered together and their Elder as a little child who leads them. Elders, may God help you to aim at, with all your heart, to humble yourselves. I could also tell you an individual has to be as a little child, led and taught by the Lord.  Isaiah 9:6, "Everlasting Father, the Mighty God." That little Child is a mighty God, One who can help us in every experience, who can help us to be overcomers. The everlasting One who is the Prince.

In II Corinthians, it speaks about not having fellowship with the wrong things in this world - come out from among them and be ye separate. That's what comes from you and I yielding our heart and life to God. How important it is for us to give Him room and place in our lives. Revelations 5. I want to talk to you about Christ Jesus becoming as a lamb - so dependant, so helpless. "I looked and I saw Him that sat on the throne that He had a book in His hand and it was sealed with seven seals. I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, 'Who is worthy to open the book and loose the seals thereof?'" You know friend, this all comes back again to a little Child, to men and women who humbled themselves and became obedient unto death. "The lion of the tribe of Judah bath prevailed to open the book and to loose the seven seals. But I saw One in the midst of the throne as a Lamb as it had been slain. It had been slain, but it lived again."

Jesus said, "My Father loves Me because I lay down My life." Do you know that's the way we can have God to love us? I wish God would love me. He loves everyone who humbles himself. The world does not do that, they are not willing for that. Jesus said, "I have power to lay My life down and to take it up again." That's what happens in this work of God, that the Gospel comes to us and those who stood to their feet last night said, "I surrender my life to God." The only people that will have power to take up their life again, is those who have laid it down. People who keep their lives for themselves, when death comes, their life is lost forever. But those who choose to lay it down, they take it up again.

"I saw a lamb as it had been slain," but it was alive and now then He takes the book out of the hand of Him who sat on the throne and the four and twenty Elders fell down and worshipped. You know, I would like to tell you the Devil never intended that Jesus would go so far.  He never expected Jesus to die on the cross. He tried to kill Him as a babe. But on the cross, Jesus prayed, "Father, if it be Thy will, remove this cup from Me." The Devil was telling Him, just as he tells you and I, that God is asking too much of you. He was telling Jesus, "You have lived for Him, You did not take Your own way once, and now He is asking you to die." He used the High Priest and the Leaders who hated Jesus and His Lowly Way to say, "He saved others, Himself He cannot save."

The Devil knew if there was any resistance, that the purpose of God could be frustrated, if He came down then they would believe on Him. He did not come down, He hung there until He said, "It is finished." Jesus gave His life for you and me. Does that not move you? When Jesus took the attitude of the slain lamb, He took the attitude that the Devil had nothing to fight against. If Jesus had resistance, the Devil would have had everything to fight Him, but when Jesus took the attitude, "I will be true," the Devil had nothing to fight against that, he was powerless. The Devil has every weapon to overcome us, but it is possible for each one of us to humble ourselves and become as a little child, willing for God to have His way in our lives. I thank God our Leader came as a little Babe.

The hymn says, "We would see Jesus." When we get a true picture of Him, we see Him as a little child coming down. May we follow in His footsteps and give more room for the nature of that little child, something that would move us to say, "Yes," to God. Do you know what makes this meeting so precious to us? We see a people, a great majority of you who have at the price of your will, price of your own way, even sacrificing earthly things, you have surrendered your heart and life to God. (Told of a man who had a very good job, but he took a job at much less wages and harder work, so he could give more room to the Christ Jesus.)

That little Lamb, do you know what this Lamb saw? He saw the Lord of Lords, etc., and one sitting on a white horse. The white horse means pure and purity. The vesture was dipped in blood.  Remember those who humble themselves and become as little children, they shall come back again and reign with those who reign forever and ever.