HymnFinder freeware hymn concordance program


The HymnFinder program provides an electronic concordance to the Chinese (Simplified), English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Romanian hymn books, as well as the hymns of Mexican brother Juventino Valdez, plus a hymn Authors database. The program enables the user to search by hymn number, as well as by words and phrases. The Copyright Information for this program states: "This program may be freely distributed."

Downloading and Installing the Software

The different versions of the software (available for several different platforms) are available at this website:

Unfortunately, there are no installation instructions available at this website. Once you download the software, you will need to extract the files to a folder on your computer before you will be able to run and install the program. You may need to ask someone who knows a little more about downloading and installing programs to do this for you.

Tips for using HymnFinder (Windows 2004b and 2010a Version)

To look up the words for a particular hymn: just enter the number of the hymn in the Search box and hit Enter (for example, entering "252" and hitting Enter will return the words for Hymn #252).

To copy and paste text from a hymn: you cannot use your keyboard shortcut keys within the program (i.e. "Ctrl + A" doesn't work for "Select All"). However, you can context-click (right-click) within the program and access the "select all" and "copy" commands that way.