Ian Johnston - Letter for Simon Dawson's Passing - December 2012

Dear Friends and Workers,


Many of you would be wondering how we are fairing here in Malaysia since Simon's funeral on Tuesday.  Many thanks to those that have been in touch. Your care has been a source of comfort to all.


Because there's been so many contact, please again excuse this general letter.

I have attached a funeral document to this email so you can get a glimpse of what was shared on Monday night and Tuesday. Also attached is a picture of Simon's grave.


In my last email, I suggested Simon had chest pain prior to his passing, but now we believe it was not so much pain but rather palpitations. We are grateful he didn't have to suffer.  An amazing number of his past colleagues, friends, classmates, and acquaintances came to the home or funeral or both. It was so obvious from their words, Simon left them with a very faithful testimony.


Silas and Angeline are coping very well and are obviously receiving much comfort right now.  There really is not much more to say but to express our own desires to "give of our very best to the Saviour." We know we won't be disappointed in doing so.

Your thankful brother,
Ian J.