In Memory of Margaret Knaggs - February 9, 2011

Dear Friends,

Our Father came for our sister on Monday, January 31. She and her companion, Rebecca Carroll, were with friends in their field and the day had begun normally. They were with Joy Widel and had hoped to journey to Springfield with her. Margaret called for help soon after breakfast and an ambulance was called for shortly afterwards. She was taken to the nearest hospital, which was in Sedalia, and then transferred to a better equipped hospital in Columbia. Jon Platte, Rebecca and I were waiting for her arrival in Columbia when the doctors there informed us that Margaret had suffered a second, fatal, heart attack while in transit. The loss of our sister, while keenly felt, is tempered by the knowledge that her days of bodily suffering are over. Her shield of faith was hung in victory.

It was very good that her brother, Albert, and nephew, Don and Nancy Knaggs, could join us for the funeral on Saturday, February 5 in Columbia, MO. Her wishes, preferring to be laid to rest where she had labored, were granted. Her body was respectfully laid to rest beside infant, Olivia Widel, in the Old Lamine Cemetery, near to the Blackwater convention grounds.

The bitter winter storms that kept back a number from attending Margaret’s service finally gave way to bright sunshine for the morning’s service and burial.

This staff of workers wishes to express our great thankfulness for the kind support of all our co-workers and friends during this time of loss. With the grace of God, we purpose to continue in the ministry, and finish with honor the work we’ve begun, as our Margaret has done.

Faithfully yours,
The Arkansas Missouri Staff