Isabell Beatty - Morning Meeting, Special Meetings Brockville, Ontario, Canada - November 29, 1936

John 15, thought of the Life of Saul.  Through disobedience, he was cut off.  Saul was one that the Lord removed. 

David was a man after God’s own heart.  Need of obedience in our lives.  Every branch that beareth forth no fruit is cut away.  Fear lest we should not bear fruit and we should be cut off the vine.  We should bear fruitful lives down here.  He purged the branch that it might bring forth more fruit. 

Conscious of rod of correction.  Hope God will deal with our hearts.  Hope God will not be silent.  He takes away what would be unpure so that the living Branch may be more fruitful.  Are we bearing fruit for Jesus or just a cumberer of the ground?  Put something worthwhile into our lives.