Ivan Shackleton - Milltown I Convention - Morning Meeting, Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hymn 351, “God in Heaven”




Hymn 24, “From Every Stain”


Ephesians 1:4-6, you need to be a child of God to understand grace.  We need to look beyond the kingdom of heaven.  If we’re not of this world, we’re part of the kingdom of heaven.  The kingdom is a pure and holy place. 

We’re here to be made clean – free from stain.  We need to be pure in heart and through Jesus we’re cleansed from all sin. 

Keep a pure mind.  Sometimes our prayers are earthbound and not beneficial to us. Sometimes before we pray - we already have the answer in our mind.  However, when we pray - we should go with an empty mind and heart and God will then speak to us. 

Having simplicity - to believe it as it is written.  Sometimes we look for justification.  That’s not right.  We read the Bible in its simplicity and accept it all as it is.  We need to be careful about our steps (i.e., the media.) 

Having a pure conscience…never let your conscience be your guide because it can lead us into problems.  Example:  Two Japanese women and Ivan were in Japan standing along a dirt road waiting for the bus to come.  The bus came and they bowed to Ivan to let him get on first.  He bowed back because in our custom it was taught to be women and children first (unlike their custom where it is taught to put men first).  After a couple of times of bowing, the bus driver drove away. 

We need a conscience given to us by God…by being born again and to teach us what’s right and what is in His spirit.  We need to put the world’s lust, greed, envy, etc.- all to one side.  We are like adopted children.  God has sent His son to come and get us. 

Ephesians 1:7, God planned redemption long before He sent His son.  This earth is just a testing ground.  Love was born into us.  When Ruth’s husband died and she brought back her husband, she slept at the feet of Boaz - for he was the one that could redeem her.  Every day (especially Sunday) we should give our all. 

Ruth 3:8-13, Boas awakened at midnight and wanted for Ruth to lift up her skirt and he would redeem her.  She would then be in the fellowship with God and His wings. 

In Australia, the rice fields were burned and one chicken was burnt to death in the field; but under the chicken there were 4 little chicks.  It’s like Jesus taking us under His wings. 

I Corinthians 11:24-27,  “You do this in remembrance of me.”  You partake of these emblems worthily.  We should first examine ourselves.  During the past week, did I forget to forgive someone or did lust take over my body?  If we’re not worthy while taking of the emblems - it is our own damnation.  Pray the night before, morning also.  Examine ourselves and ask God to cleanse us and forgive us all.  Jesus gave His life for us so that we would know eternal salvation. 

When we’re spiritually sick, it’s hard to get up and pray, go to meetings, etc.  So, we want to be awake for the coming of Christ.  Keep the world separate than the world that is the kingdom of heaven.


Hymn 384, “Cleansing for Me”