Jack Carroll - Christian Convention - Olympia, Washington - September 4-7, 1942

Morning Meeting -- Labor Day


We would advise all here in this meeting to read over Romans 13:1-7; 1 Timothy 2:1-3; Titus 3:1-2; 1 Peter 2:13-17 often.


These passages emphasize three things which should characterize the lives and walk of Christians in the United States at this present time:  Submission to the United States Government officials as "ministers of God;" obedience to the laws of the United States; and loyalty to the Government of the United States and the flag under which we live.  We would like all to remember these three words--Submission, Obedience, Loyalty--and to be guided by them in their relationship with and attitude towards the Government.  There is no room in our fellowship as assemblies of Christians for disloyal men or women.


We encourage all, young and old, to loyally serve their country and Government in some way at this time.  All are individually responsible for deciding the form of service they will render.  Liberty of conscience is given to each and all.  The form of service rendered is a personal and individual matter, and whether called to serve in a non-combatant or combatant capacity, no difference is made in our relationship or fellowship as brethren in Christ.  Some of our brethren are serving in the Navy, some in different branches of the Army and Air Forces, and in the Medical Corps.


Certificates of membership, when necessary, will be given to those whose sincerity and integrity are beyond question, and who are willing to serve their country regardless of difficulties or danger.


All should assist the President and the Government of the United States in preventing inflation.  One way this can be done is by lending the Government your surplus earnings by purchasing War Savings Bonds.  To spend your surplus earnings on things you can do without or in selfish pleasure is most unworthy and borders on disloyalty.  Whatever measures are taken by the Government to prevent inflation, no matter how drastic, should have the cheerful support and cooperation of all in this fellowship.


We hope all here are regular contributors to the American Red Cross.  This organization is the only channel by which we can establish contact with our brethren and relatives now in the hands of the enemy, and as President Roosevelt has declared, it "has played a vital role in binding up the wounds of the injured, in sheltering and providing food and clothing for the homeless, in succoring the distressed, in rebuilding broken lives, and in rehabilitating the victims of catastrophies of nature and of war" in many lands.  This organization should be liberally supported by all.