Jack Carroll - First 12 Chapters of Exodus

1.   a Egypt is typical of the world social, political, commercial, religion.

              b Pharaoh is a type of the God of this world.

              c Moses servant of God, by whom deliverance comes.

              d Jehovah the God of Heaven, the great "I am."  Hebrews 17:8


2. The Children of Israel in Egypt.

              a Their condition Chapter 1:114; 2:2325; Joshua 24:14; Ezekiel 20:68. Proves that the Israelites participated in the corrupt and idolatrous religions of Egypt.

              b The plagues that were sent later were all directed against the gods of Egypt. Chapter 12:12.


3. The Lord having heard their cry, raises up and prepares a deliverer. Read Chapters 2, 3, 4 carefully and note the difficulty God had in fitting Moses for his work, read also Hebrews 11:2327 and Acts 7:21-22. Salvation is of God by man. God needs men to cooperate with Him in bringing about the deliverance of His people (i.e.) How shall they hear without a preacher, etc.