Jack Carroll - Job

Satan did not get Job. He does not like anything that has marks of God about it. God said, "Where did you come from?" "From going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it." Satan did not have a contented mind like Abraham. He was always bustling about. Very often those who are active about their own business and cares are slack concerning God's business. Satan always keeps people very concerned and busy about their own affairs. He believes in action, always altering things.


Just as the particles of flour are one in a loaf, for the purpose of feeding the heart of God. In the history of a loaf, the farmer first of all has to cut the wheat off its roots. After being cut off, its human root then it is threshed. When God cuts you off your human root, He then separates you from the chaff in our lives. Then the wheat goes through the mill and is ground. We are all put through the mill because God wants us to become particles which may be used to feed hungering souls. You become one with others which are still outside the family. We are bound one to another as the particles in the loaf are bound before being baked. Then comes the kneading, uniting us firmly together. After this comes the fire. We all must go through the fire for it is good to strengthen and hold us more closely together. After we have begun to walk in the way of Jesus, the devil will rain persecution against us.


I John 1:1 After we have talked to people, they are going to look upon our lives to see if they can see any of the marks we talked of. We are supposed to talk of Christ and then when people look upon our lives they are supposed to be able to see Christ in us.