Jack Carroll - Letter - Seattle, Washington - March 3, 1927

Jack Carroll

3926 Burke Avenue

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

March 3, 1927


My dear Grace, 


In recent months, owing to being busy in Tent Meetings here in Southern California, my mail has been sadly neglected, and no doubt the number of those to whom I am in debt, both in this country and overseas are wondering if I received their letters or have scored them off my list. I have been very glad to hear from so many and wish it were possible to write more promptly and often, but there are so many claims, especially during missions, that it is not always easy to find time to write all that one would like.


Some of us have been greatly encouraged, and a new interest awakened in our hearts by the news of the helpful conventions in Germany and in India during the Xmas Holidays and later. We are hoping that the new workers who have gone to these countries will be a real source of help and comfort to those who have been battling on for years in those lands. I cherish the memories of all I saw of the Grace of God in both workers and saints when in the "regions beyond" in 1925 and 1926. A letter from France the other day served as a reminder of an unforgettable little meeting in an attic room of a six story house in the heart of Paris where seven of us met in the Lord's Name and, I believe, got a fresh vision of the possibilities, even in France, of fruitfulness in the Gospel. I don't think I will ever forget the two meetings in that little room. We were surely "mean, unnoticed, and unknown" that night. The fact that new workers have gone to France, Switzerland, and Italy, should surely enlarge all of our hearts and give us a fresh and prayerful interest in these lands. The brothers who have gone to Poland and who hope to get into Russia, have also written hopefully of possibilities and are looking forward to reinforcements.


I have been glad to hear that Jim Jardine and Sandy Scott were on their way to Greece and I am sure they will be a very real help to all there. Jim and I spent several weeks together last year. He was a great help to me, personally, as well as to all the workers and saints to whom he ministered. We miss him sadly over here, but rejoice that others can share in his fellowship, counsel, and ministry. Henry Hanson is with us in Tent Mission here in San Bernardino and we often talk of work and workers in Scandinavia and Finland. I will not easily forget those first days in Norway and Sweden, trying to speak through the different interpreters. They little realized how nervous I was most of the time. I was glad, however, that I got accustomed to this after a while, so much so that when I reached India and had to speak without an interpreter it was difficult and I fear I got properly mixed up the first few times. I thoroughly enjoyed all the different experiences, and appreciated much the efforts of my interpreters to make the most of what I had to say.


We were very glad of the help of Wilson McClung, John Hardie, and Andy Robb at our conventions in 1926.  The two former are now back in New Zealand and Australia, and Andy Robb is just closing a Tent Mission in Los Angeles. He is going East about March 13 and will attend special meetings at different places en route to New York, sailing from there to England early in May. Conditions in China are steadily growing worse. Willie Jamieson and Max Bumpus were nicely settled down to their studies and making some progress, as well as getting more and more interested in the people and language. They will likely have left Nanking by this time and are now in Shanghai. I have some hope that all this turmoil will turn out into the furtherance of the Gospel. The Chinese are not so much anti-Christian as they are anti-church, anti-cleric, anti-priest. Now that it is very evident to all that churchianity has failed, the door may open for Christianity. The two brothers in Japan write hopefully of possibilities there and are encouraged by the progress they are making in the language. In recent weeks we have enjoyed studying the Life of Jesus. To get the main facts of His life in their true order helps amazingly in understanding many of His words and sayings. Now forgive the typewriter, etc., but without this help I don't think I could ever catch up with my mail. Will look forward to hearing from you some time soon.

With very kindest greetings to all with you, and sincere love in the bonds of the Gospel,


Your brother in Christ,


Jack Carroll