Jack Carroll - Notes for Workers

Jack Carroll, head worker of Western U.S.A. and Canada in the "early days,"  wrote this instructional sheet.


- "Don't preach too long. It is a dangerous thing to tell them it all the first time. Keep a little for the next night. Give them the impression you have a little more to say. The will is the target we aim at. Don't get to your point too soon. Keep your point if you have one until the last. I believe the real essence of preaching is to get people interested; get them to reason, get their confidence, then take a shot at the will.


- Don't argue with the people unnecessarily. You are safer to let them have their point. We can afford to wait. It is a mistake to argue with people needlessly. It only advertises what you don't want advertised.


- It is a dangerous thing to commit yourself too far to anybody. Safer to keep them a little in the dark, and tell them it little by little, line upon line, and precept upon precept.


- Don't jest too much. We should always keep the serious side of our life to strangers. Don't let them know too much about your past life. Don't let the people become too familiar with you. Keep people at arms length.


- I believe a lot can be done through faithful visiting. You can talk stronger in the home than in a public meeting. To talk too freely to people before you start your meeting is a weakness.


- The best subjects to start with. I tell them what kind of men were in the Bible; what saints are; tell them about Jesus as a child, saint, and servant. Tell them Jesus was a saint before He was a servant. Ask them who was the pattern for preachers, and they say Jesus. I sometimes talk to the children when I mean it for the older people. I believe you can give people an awful lot of truth without giving the enemy any occasion to talk.  When we are anxious to get people to profess, I don't think it very bad to hammer along the same line for several nights. There is a lot of power in reiteration. When people are ready to make the choice keep after them. People I want to deliver from their old professions I leave to the last. I preach one night on the Ethiopian Eunuch, and ask them why Philip did not speak to him on his way up to Jerusalem. He was going up there for more light. He would not have listened to Philip if he had not been purely disgusted with the [sic]


- Is it wise to help in the home where you are stopping? It is alright to help some but don't become a slave. Good to keep on the right side of the Lady of the house. I don't think it is wise for brothers to help inside too much. When the people see your life is engaged, they don't expect it. We can fill in every hour of the day. No worker need give the impression that they are idlers or loafers. We earn our living just as honestly as any farmer. Make them feel that you have something

to live for, and that you are determined to use your time to the very best advantage, and you won't be very much bothered about their chores.


- The saints are largely what you make them.