Jack Carroll - Sidney, Manitoba Convention - Morning Meeting, November 9, 1914

I wonder how many here are ashamed of the Testimony.  I cannot understand anyone coming to the convention and being ashamed to tell it.  The best way to help your friends is to let them know you are having the time of your life and create a desire in their hearts for the same.  It is best always to be open and frank about where you are going.  In my opinion, if either husband or wife acts sanely and soberly during the year, there won’t be much trouble about coming to convention.  We should seek to cultivate a human fellowship with our unsaved relatives and always act fairly in the matter of going to convention.  There is no need for always flinging a text of scripture at them but let your life speak and an opportunity may come when you can speak words that will help them.  We want to be very wise and sensible.  A wise woman can work a man anytime.  A woman can be an awful torment to a man and make his life a burden.  A woman’s business is to look after the home and make it a comfortable home.


The word, meditate means to hold in contemplation.  That is practically what the Psalmist means when he says wait on the Lord.  It is what the cow does when she is chewing the cud.  It is what we need to do if we are going to make progress in the way of life.  If we are to be effective as saints or workers, we must learn the value of meditation.  We don’t value waiting upon God and the result is we are weak instead of strong.


Joshua 1:6-9, he had the responsibility of leading the children of Israel.  Meditate upon the law of the Lord.  Meditate doesn’t necessarily mean study.  Sometimes when I am reading, I have to stop and kind of take in a verse.  It perhaps gives me food for an hour.  I think it over, work it out, enjoy it, and make it my own.  If we meditate upon the law of the Lord and make up our mind to obey, we too shall be prosperous.  Psalm 1:1-2, there is the man that is truly blessed of God.  Happy is he.  I like to see people delight in the law of the Lord.  Psalm 1 is a wonderful Psalm to read if you are inclined to be nervous and fretful.

Counsel of the ungodly.  Have we all turned away from the counsel of the ungodly?  The first ungodly counselor was the serpent.  Ungodly counsel is counsel that is given to us with regard to our spiritual life and comes from those whom God has never sent.  Jannes and Jambres gave ungodly counsel to the people in Moses’ day.  Prophets of Baal were the ungodly counselors in Elijah’s day.  The world has been polluted with ungodly counselors in every age.  The Scribes and Pharisees were the ungodly counselors in the days of Jesus.  Who are the ungodly counselors today?  Have we all renounced them?  The first thing that the grace of God teaches a man is to say, “No,” to everything that is unlike Jesus. 

Psalm 19:13-14, there is a little prayer worth offering up everyday.  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he; that is, you cherish there what is uppermost in your life.


Philippians 4:8, some people wonder how it is possible to get the victory in their thoughts over evil.  You can by doing the opposite and thinking good thoughts.  Think, meditate, fix your mind on these things.  First a thought, then an action, then a character, then a destiny.  Right thinking has a great deal to do with mental, physical, and spiritual health.  The mind has a wonderful power over the body.  If you think you are sick, you will be sick.  We can almost think ourselves well.  You will say this is Christian Science, but I have learned to help myself wonderfully when I begin to feel under the weather.  I fight and won’t let it get power over me and I have discovered I can actually cure myself to a certain extent.  Sometimes, we wonder about the medicine man in heathen countries.  He performed wonderful things by his hideous faces and dress and beating of the drum.  He fooled the people into thinking he could cure them.


The word "mind" is the key word of the Epistle to the Philippians.  Whatsoever things are true…  Some people are never happy unless they are thinking about some scandal, anything that will feed their selfish, sinful nature.  Don’t allow your thoughts to go out to the things that are impure, but think on things that are true, honest, just, etc.  Set your mind on them and it will be a wonderful corrective to thoughts that are unlawful, etc.  Think of the life of Jesus.  There is nothing more helpful than to hold your thoughts on the things that were seen in the life of Jesus, His love, obedience, self sacrifice, purity, etc.  When you think on these things, the others won’t trouble you very much.  You can dissipate in your thoughts and the dissipation of your mind can affect your whole physical make up.  I want the things I meditate on to be acceptable to Him and those are the things that are lovely, just, pure, etc.  When you think on other things, you know they are not acceptable to God.  He turns away His face from them.


Psalm 63:5-6, happy are those that can enjoy the wakeful hours of the night and centre their mind upon the things of God.  It is restful and comforting and will help you to sleep.  Think upon what He has done in the past and His promises for the future, etc., and sleep will be sweet.


Psalm 77:12, we are thinking about the workers and saints and things we heard at convention and of the Lord’s work in our own hearts and the change He has wrought in our life.  Supposing we form the habit of fixing our thoughts upon the things honoring unto God and draw down the door when things that are dishonoring to God begin to enter.  We have that power, the power to say, “No.”


Psalm 104:34, the Lord all through the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New Testament.  We know Him as Lord Jesus.  They knew Him as Lord.


Psalm 119:15, 97, is a wonderful Testimony.  Verse 148, he didn’t want to sleep.  His meditation was sweet. 


Psalm 143:5, the sun in the heavens is typical of the Son of righteousness.  It doesn’t give one kind of light in one country and another kind of light in another, and just as truly the Son of righteousness gives the same light to men and women of every class in every age.  I think of the moon, stars, and planets and wonder if there are any like us up there.  When we begin to think about His wonderful works, we have something to praise Him for.


1 Timothy 4:15, we need to hold, centre, and fix our thoughts upon the things that will cause us to become men and women after the true pattern, conformed to the image of His best begotten Son.


Isaiah 40:31-32, there is the result of it all.  Is it worthwhile trying to control our thoughts?  If we were as careful of our thoughts as we are of our words, we would go on better.


Ephesians 5:4, foolish talking and jesting here is connected with things that are unclean, impure, and abominable.  These things are not to be mentioned among the saints.  We need to preserve a conscience void of offence.