Jack Carroll - Sidney, Manitoba Convention - Saturday Evening, November 7, 1914

The scriptures are a mirror.  We can see who and what we are and forget and be as we once were, or we can bring ourselves into that condition of mind and heart where God’s purpose concerning us can be fulfilled.  It would be a sorry battle if we had to fight in our own strength.  No one here or outside can get the victory in their own strength.  We must have the help God has sought to impart to men in every age and generation.  God takes no delight in punishing people.  He takes pleasure in lifting them out of the pit.  The man who succeeds in getting the victory over the inward enemy is able to fight the outward enemy.  The reason Jesus went out alone so much was that He might get strength to conquer the enemy within and without.  When you get to know your own weaknesses, then you will feel like crying aloud to God for help.


There are a number of words in the New Testament descriptive of this New Life that becomes ours when we are born of God.  All have practically the same meaning just as the words in regard to the old nature had.


Colossians 1:27, “Christ in you the hope of glory.”  It is not Christ in heaven or outside; it is Christ inside; not Christ in the world, but Christ in you.  This is the ABC.  It is not being identified with the servants, baptism, or breaking of bread.  These are right in their proper places, but your salvation and mine begins when we make room in our hearts for Christ.  Judas walked with God outwardly, but never had Christ in his heart, and many others we could mention in whom Christ had never been revealed.  Paul said, “To reveal His Son in me.”  Flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto me.  I believe many of us have suffered from paying too much attention to the outward marks and too little attention to the inner master that reigns from the centre of our being and wants to rule our life and govern our actions.  When you want to get acquainted with a person, you want to be alone in their company.  If we don’t seek to be more acquainted with this Christ within, we won’t make much progress.  Room for business, room for pleasure, etc, but how much room are we making for Christ?  Have we just given Him the attic, or have we given Him the best place?  Remember that not only our salvation, but our growth in the way of life depends upon the place we give Him in our hearts.  As the earth was created for a home for man, so man was created for a home for God.  The sinner outside says, "I don’t want Christ to govern my life," but we who have professed to throw the heart’s door widely open should be willing to allow Him to permeate our whole being.  It is hard to grasp “Christ lives in me.”  Paul says,  “I am crucified with Christ and Christ lives in me.”  It was Christ that made Paul the man he was that made him willing to live and suffer for His Name’s sake. Have you ever been conscious that it was the power of Christ in you that led you to do certain things?  Have you ever been conscious that you are obeying the inner whisperings of the eternal Christ within your heart?  There is nothing in all the world that quickens and strengthens you like prompt, implicit obedience to the Master who has come in to rule and reign in our hearts.  Give Him the right of way and you will be surprised at the experience that will be yours.  Sometimes I wonder if I am as sensitive to His whisperings as when I began in the way.  He came unto His own and His own received Him not.  He came to those He had created, those who were His by profession, but they received Him not.  “We don’t want this man to reign over us.  We don’t want Him to come in and interfere with our plans and purposes.”  The proof of His love is the nail prints in His hands and feet and the spear print in His side.  When He comes in, He will spread for us a feast of love, but if we bar Him out, He will have no place for us in eternity.  To as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God.  We have received Him as our Master, Saviour, King, pattern, life, our all in all.  I cannot understand the change that has been wrought in my life apart from the working of Christ.  Paul said, "Christ worketh in me mightily."  That was his explanation of the change that had been wrought in him.


This is the mystery that has been hidden from ages and from generations but is now made manifest.  All life is a mystery.  You don’t see me. You only see the house I live in.  The tenant is an unseen person.  Some people say “I don’t see God.”  When you get your eyes opened, you see Christ everywhere, in the mountains, hills, animals, etc.


John 10:10, Jesus says, "I am come that ye might have life, and that ye might have life more abundantly.”  The whole message is life.  What every man and woman needs is life, not human life, but divine life.  We have got human life and that has made a human.  Fish life makes fish, animal life makes animal, etc.  It takes the Christ life to make the Christian, not outside, but inside.  I John 5:12, "He that hath the Son hath life.  He that hath not the Son hath not life."  Wherever human beings have been found, they have the same human marks, whether they are in England, Ireland, Scotland, etc.  So when men and women have got the Christ life, there will be certain marks that will more or less proclaim the fact they belong to a higher family, and live upon a higher plain.  How can I know whether I have received this Christ life or not?  “By this we know we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethren.”  You would be amazed if you took the New Testament and hunted up that word love.  If the love is not there, there is little proof that the life is there.  We love those whom the world hates.  We enjoy their society and are at home in their company.  We seek to let the love of God triumph.  It is hard to love some people because they have so many rough edges.  They either hurt us or we hurt them.  We are not bound by any organization or worldly power, but by the love of God.  If we don’t enjoy each other’s company here, we won’t on the other side.  Some people wonder why the human tie weakens and why they are being drawn to people of other lands whom they knew nothing about before.  Perhaps there are half a dozen different nationalities and creeds here, but through the power of the one gospel all have been made one in Christ.  It would be a terrible thing if throughout eternity we had to be tortured by the fact that our relations are not there.  God loves the whole world.  He thinks as much of some other person’s relatives as He does of yours. 

Another word for God is love.  Human love is always self pleasing.  Divine love has the other mark.  Christ’s love is manifested by unselfishness, a desire to be anything that will make you more and more conformed to the image of Jesus.  Jesus washed the disciples’ feet.  That was love.  It was the night He did that, that He gave the new commandment that they should love one another.  I want to live my life so I may be a help to the saints and servants of God, so that I may give them a little push in the right direction and not in the wrong direction.  I want to be in the place day by day where I will be helpful to all those I come in contact with.  God so loved that He gave.  Human love is the opposite.  See to it that in all your relationships that the love of God triumphs.  In the human family there must be a spirit of give and take and so there must be in the divine family.  In every home there should be two bears — bear and forebear.  I have had workers with me that if I pointed out every mistake I would discourage them and perhaps get them into the condition where they would be afraid to do anything.   There is nothing so horrible in the human or divine family as fault finding.  Nothing will discourage a man or woman quicker than to be continually putting your finger on the sore spot.  There is an awful danger of kind of lording it over each other until the sweetest fellowship has been blighted.  Jesus went before.  He didn’t drive; He led.  Neither the saints nor the workers are to lord it over God’s inheritance.


John 13, they all knew it was the custom to wash their feet before eating.  They all sat down to the table and were prepared to eat and their feet were still unwashed.  After all sat down, Jesus took a basin and towel and washed their feet.  Peter saw the mistake he had made.  It is a matter or serving by love and humiliation.  Memorize I Corinthians 13, and instead of charity, put in love.  You will find these are the characteristics of Christ.  This life brings with it new responsibility.  We are every one our brother’s keeper.  There is no sadness in all the world equal to that which comes into the heart of a worker when they hear that some of those whom they have labored for have drawn back and are likely to perish.


II Peter 2, we read about the dog and the sow.  This is typical of those who had come in and vomited up everything they knew to be wrong, but it was not long until they found the feed the sheep enjoyed did not suit them.  They want flesh.  A dog in a flock of sheep is a dangerous thing.  He is always stirring up trouble.  The sow returned to her wallowing in the mire, got cleaned outwardly, but never got the divine nature.  When men become partakers of the divine nature, they enjoy the shepherd’s care and are willing to be led by the shepherd anywhere.  Where does the Lord mark His sheep?  Christ’s sheep hear His voice and their feet follow Him.  Another mark of the sheep — they love the shepherd’s voice and are satisfied with the provision the shepherd makes.


Philippians 2:5, “Let this mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus.”

Ezekiel 36:26, “A new heart will I give you.  A new spirit will I give you.”

Things we couldn’t understand before now we understand.  New heart and spirit mean practically the same thing.


What kind of fruit will come of a life that has received this new mind, heart and spirit?  The works of the flesh were manifest and so are the works of the spirit.  (Galatians 5:22)  We have every right to expect that fruit like this will be produced.  The love that we spoke about is the first fruit.  Always ask yourself, “Am I bringing forth the fruits of the Spirit?  Am I making manifest the love Paul talks about in I Corinthians 13?”


Joy:  The man or woman that is walking in the spirit is not gloomy.  They are the happiest people.  The joy of the Lord is their strength.  The last night of His life Jesus could say, “My joy I give unto you.”  Joy is the outcome of a life fully consecrated to the will of God.


Peace:  How many of us have peace?  Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you and ye shall find rest for your souls.”  Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace.  The peace of God is the result of what we let Christ do in us.  We have nothing to do in the matter of making our peace with God.  That is something we could not do.  Do you ever worry about the past?  Are you ever glad your past sins are blotted out — as far as the east is from the west?  We are redeemed not with corruptible things but by the precious blood of the Lamb of God.  He is our peace, justification, and sanctification.


Longsuffering is another fruit of the spirit.  How long are you prepared to suffer?  Don’t be too quick to find fault.  Be careful how you act toward your brother or sister.  Remember, you yourself are not without some flaw.


Gentleness:  Gentleness is sometimes missing.  Some of us hardly know how to be gentle.  Some have inflammatory rheumatism and we have to be careful lest we touch the sore spot.  You can handle a person roughly and not try to do the right thing and hurt them terribly and you may handle them gently and do good.  When Jesus was dealing with His own disciples, He was very gentle and tried to lead them very carefully.


Goodness:  The margin says kindness.  A little bit of kindness goes a long way.  You can kill with kindness.  It is a wonderful remedy.  It is the best paying investment you can make.


Faithfulness is another fruit of the spirit, like the little maid in Naaman’s house, and Joseph in the house of Potiphar.


Meekness:  Why was Moses called the meekest man?  The Lord got angry with the children of Israel and was going to destroy them and would make of Moses a people greater and mightier.  There was Moses’ chance, but Moses said, “Don’t do it.  Think of your own glory.  Think of what the Egyptians will say.  I would rather you would blot me out.”  John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  Paul said he was the chief of sinners.  Meekness is that quality in a man or woman which will cause them to hide themselves if only God may be manifested.

Temperance:  This means self control.  It takes a good deal of grit to control yourself.  There is more harm done by the tongue than by any other member.  How quick we are to kind of tell tales and backbite, say things behind his back that we would not say to his face.  It would be a thousand times better for you to have your tongue cut out than to be guilty of speaking against your brother in the church or work.  I have heard that men have been successful in taming serpents and snakes of all kinds and wild animals, but the tongue no man can tame.  It is unruly, evil, full of deadly poison.  When this tongue begins to wag uncontrolled by God, there is no end to the trouble it will cause.  Memorize James 3.


The next thing we need to control is our temper.  No man or woman can lose control of their temper without suffering physically, mentally, and spiritually.


You need to control your appetites.  We have appetites which in themselves are natural, but when you allow these appetites to control and govern, it is possible for any man to sink lower than the brute beasts.  We need to control our temper, tongue and appetites.  These are the fruits of the spirit.


There are the two possibilities before every man and woman of sowing to the flesh, giving yourself over to the flesh and reaping corruption, or sowing to the spirit and yielding to God, and reaping life everlasting.  We generally reap more than we sow.  If you sow to the flesh, you will reap a great harvest.