Jack Duncan - Buying the Oil of the Spirit - Aylesbury Convention - July 1993

The first sister spoke of those whom God said, “I never knew you,” and also of the five foolish virgins. There is much we can share in God’s Way but much we must buy for ourselves. They shared fellowship but they were not buying “oil” for themselves. We enjoy the fellowship of others and all that is good in God’s family, but we must “buy,” pay the price for oil (Spirit) to keep our lamps burning. Are we paying the price for our salvation? We must be buying and adding, or we could be “selling” and losing instead of buying and adding to our treasure. In natural living, people like a bargain but there is no bargain price for salvation. Jesus paid the full price and He didn’t hesitate to pay even to the very last on the cross. It would be sad if we were in fellowship with God’s family and trying to get by, not paying the price, the full price for our own soul. Time will reveal this.

Genesis 23, Abraham wanted a burial place and he paid the price. He could have had it free, but Abraham bowed himself and paid the full price. Abraham humbled himself before the people of the land, even to the children of Heth, and gave the money for the field. He paid the price, weighed the price then gave it and it was made sure for Abraham; it was his possession forever.

Peter said, “Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure; for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall.” Am I really giving God His due, am I making my calling and election sure? There is a time to buy. This is the time to buy. If we are compromising, we are really surrendering, on the installment system, to the enemy. Buy the spotless raiment white that we would not be satisfied to just get by. Search me and see if there is any wicked way in me. We are truly buying if we invite God to search us and reveal our future needs. We are glad when we realize that God is putting His finger on something in our life that needs to be dealt with. That is real buying for salvation.

David paid the price, “a broken and a contrite heart” was the price and David knew it and he offered it. Lambs and bullocks were not the price. David said, “I cannot offer unto the Lord what costs me nothing.” Psalm 116:13, “I will take the cup of salvation. And call upon the name of the LORD.” Just be willing for whatever God’s plans are for us and pay the price of not our will but His will. When we are willing to let His choice be our choice, we are buying, REALLY BUYING. If we follow our choice instead of His, we are “selling.”

I had a choice to make regarding a work situation. My father knew which choice would be best for me but he said, “Wouldn’t it be good to pray about it?” He made it clear the choice was mine. We are grateful for those who are really buying. One man wouldn’t sell his vineyard, “his heritage,” the inheritance of his father’s, because it belonged to those who handled it faithfully. We share the inheritance of what others walked in and we want to guard it, too, like others did who gave it to us. We must not “sell,” and in so doing, it is like buying more and more. As nears the time of His return, what we have in Christ we receive more and more – an investment that’s increasing in value every day of our life. What would it profit us if we lost our soul and gained the whole world? The daily price will always be across the will of nature leads on the path of God. It was sad to see some in the Bible days that didn’t buy the truth—Revelation 3; God saw them in spiritual poverty and He counseled them to buy of Him. The treasure was in the field, the field being the Will and Way of God. We cannot have it unless we buy it. We won’t be enriched. We share much now, but there is a day coming that will reveal just what we have “bought,” what we have possessed for ourselves, and how much we’ve been willing to pay the daily price of doing and walking in His Will and Way.