Jack Jackson - Fellowship Meetings

J. Jackson was a worker in the 1920-30's.



by Jack Jackson


'Tis Sunday and early morning,

'Tis the day the saints will meet

To worship the living Saviour,

And humbly sit at His feet.

To give of the bread He has given,

To stenghthen each others hands.

To tell of the joys and sorrows,

As they walk in the way God planned.


In a cottage in the lonely valley,

In a home on the hill side fair,

On the vast wide plains they'll gather,

In a home that is a place of prayer.

In His name they'll also be meeting,

In a home where a city's din

Can't exclude the love of Jesus,

While His children wait on Him.


May the Lord in their midst be honored,

As thus they meet to-day.

And each heart be soft and humble,

As they sing and speak and pray.

May nothing be seen of envy,

Nothing of self or sin.

Nothing to cloud the vision,

That each may have of Him.


In ancient times we read of,

We're told when God's people met

That Satan was also present,

And it's true, he does so yet.

He came there then to hinder,

He came there to accuse,

To tempt the soul of the righteous,

His privilege to misuse.


He hasn't changed his purpose,

And he hasn't changed his plan.

And today while we are meeting,

He'll usurp all the power he can.

May no place to him be given,

But each heart moved as by love

Give place to the God of Heaven,

Give place to the Spirit of Love.


They'll remember Christ's broken body,

In partaking of the bread.

And also the cup will tell them,

Of His blood that once was shed.

May none drink to their condemnation,

Or play an unworthy part.

May desire to give to the Saviour,

Be deepened in every heart.


There are some who fain would be meeting,

Where His people meet to-day,

But like myself, tho'distance,

Are miles and miles away.

Some on a bed of sickness,

Some on a cot of pain.

Some who cannot be present,

For a cause that is just and plain.


May the Lord in His tender mercy,

Give unto each to-day.

The portion of bread that's needed,

As they think, and read,and pray.

And even not found in person,

In the place where others meet

May they be there in Spirit,

And together sit at His feet.


If perchance there are others,

Who through carelessness are found,

Far away from the place of meeting,

Perhaps on forbidden ground.

May God to their heart's in mercy,

In a voice that is plain and clear

Make known to them the danger,

Create in their hearts true fear.


And now having read what I've written,

And what I have just said by pen

And find in my heart an echo,

To a true and glad "Amen."

A response to a voice that is saying,

"Thank God for His boundless love,

Thank Him for a humble pathway,

That leads to a Home above."