Jack Jackson - The Lighthouse


On a wee small isle in the great deep sea

The lone, lone lighthouse stands;

To guide the ships that may pass by

En route to another land.

They pass and sail right onward

But few if any, say:

"We're grateful to thee, brave lighthouse,

Thou heat helped us on our way."


On a treacherous, nasty, hidden rock,

The lone, lone lighthouse stands;

To tell the ships that may pass by

That danger is nigh at hand;

The flash of her light at midnight

Or her white walls glare at noon

Oft, oft have saved the ships that pass

From a deep and early tomb.


Near the shifting sands that tide oft moves

The lone, lone lighthouse stands

To ward the ships that may pass by

Of the shifting, drifting sands;

Should she there at her post unfaithful be

Like the sands should she move around,

‘Twould be hard indeed to count or tell

The shies that might go a-ground.


On a bleak, unsheltered rocky coast

The lone, lone lighthouse stands,

To remind the ships that; may pass by

That they're not far away from land;

Should her lighthouse fail in the stiff' strong gale

Or in fog not be heard her bell,

What then might befall the ships great or small

Would surely be hard to tell.


At the entrance bright to the harbor fair

The lone, lone lighthouse stands;

To welcome the ships that may enter there

And again lend a helping hand;

Then safe in the sought-for harbor

The ship that has crossed the sea,

When, relieved of care she anchors there

She may well give thanks to thee.


Yes, many indeed are the danger zones

Where the lone, lone lighthouse stands,

Ever ready to warn, remind, or tell

Of the danger that's nigh at hand

So the ships of the great vast ocean,

And others that coastwise go,

Don't e'er forget that in greater part

To the lighthouse your life you owe.


And what of the man, that lonely man

Within the lone, lone lighthouse walls;

That the lighthouse keeps on the roughest night

Ever answers the needy call;

The lighthouse there, though strong and fair.

Without such a hand to guide,

Would soon need repair, and without this care

Its service would ne'er abide.


This world is a sea of danger zones,

And souls like the ships at sea,

Its waters sail in a bark that's frail,

Scarce knowing what their fate may be;

They hope they may reach and enter

The haven of rest secure,

But danger is around and perils abound

And sailing is insecure.


So I'd like in my weakness, Lord, to be

On some spot in the danger zone,

A clear bright light on the darkest night

To some ship that is sailing home.

And there like the lighthouse, true to be,

At my post to firmly stand,

Thus aiding the ships that may pass by

En route to a better land.


But Thou dost know that the lighthouse. Lord,

Its usefulness soon would lose,

Were it not for the man, that lone, lone man

Who that lonely life doth choose.

Be pleased then to dwell in my heart, I pray,

That I might a lighthouse be

To some poor soul in the danger zone

On life's wild, restless sea.