Jack Jackson - When, Where, and How

Dear Lord, in some dim future year,

In some dim future month and day,

Abides the hour, the solemn hour,

When Thou shalt call my soul away.

That year, that month, that day of days

Come soon, come late, I know not when.

O Thou who rulest all my ways,

O Lord of life, whom death obeys,

Be with me then, be with me then. 


Somewhere upon this globe of ours

Is hid the spot where I must die.

Where 'mid the snows or 'mid the flowers

My shrouded form shall coffined lie.

If north, or south, or east or west,

At home, abroad, I know not where,

O tender Father, Lord of Grace

Whose presence fills the realms of space,

Be with me there, be with me there. 


By Fire, by Flood, by Famine sore;

By sudden stroke, by slow decay,

When death's dark angel's at my door,

How shall it call my soul away?

God only knows, He bends the bow

And He alone can fix the dart.

Yet care I not when, where, and how,

The end shall come, Dear Lord if Thou

Wilt then but shield me in Thy heart.