Jacqui Perlmutter - Serima Zimbabwe Convention - 2006

Hymn 305

Moses said to Pharaoh, "Let my people go to the wilderness to worship."  Pharaoh refused and so God sent many troubles to them.  Moses continued with the same message, "Let my people go."  Afterwards, Pharaoh said to Moses, "You can go but do not go very far away."  The king of this world is just like that, "Yes, you can go and worship your God, but don’t go far, just stay near us."  If we wish to worship God, we need to be separate, from everything, be completely separated from Egypt and the things of Egypt. 

Pharaoh then asked Moses a question, "Who are they that shall go?"  Moses replied, "We will go with our young and with our old, with our sons and with our daughters.  With our flocks and with our herds will we go, for we must hold a feast to the Lord.  We will go with everything, not just with our children but we all go, even the old ones."  We are so glad that we see you bringing your children to the meetings, coming to convention for we all serve God. 

We understand that sometimes money is short and some cannot come to convention.  One of our friends, a certain mother went to another place in the north of the country where there was no fellowship.  We were angry with her husband because they went there, sending your wife far away.  How is she going to have a meeting?  No friends there.  Never mind, that is their business.  They were looking for a new farm.  Every Sunday morning, this Mother had a meeting with her children.  They worshipped God.  One day, one of the neighbours called at this time and asked, "What are you doing here?"  "Well, we are praying, worshipping God."  "May I also come in?"  She said, "Yes, you can come in."  She began to come in, also.  Another came.  She also came and started to go.  Today, there is a convention on that farm.  God had a plan in all this, but we could not see it at the time.  She was a faithful woman who wanted to serve God. 

Moses did not want to leave the children, not even the animals.  Pharaoh said, "Go, but let your cattle stay."  Moses did not agree to leave one thing behind.  If something was left, they would be drawn to go back again. 

We heard about Abraham.  He went out because he was called.  We have been called, also.  It was difficult to leave his father, it hurts. 

Ruth also went.  She left her family behind.  She saw the prize ahead.  She knew, "I have been called." 

In Corinthians, we read, "Come out from among them and be ye separate."  Don’t be in agreement with things that are not in agreement with God, things that are not suitable for the children of God. 

Hannah took her son Samuel and left him with Eli in the house of God.  She fulfilled her vow.  Don’t you think it was painful to separate from him and to leave him? 

Jesus came from far, didn’t he?  Separated from his father, coming to this evil world to preach to all people, to all nations. 

Daniel and his friends also were separated from their friends, as a prisoner to a far-off country.  They served in that land that was not their land.  They showed plainly that we are serving God.  We will never bow to other gods even if it means death. 

Joseph also was separated from his Father to that far-away land.  He kept himself upright.  Some tried to find fault with him, but he stood with strength. 

John on the Isle of Patmos, also alone.  We know that the book of the Revelations was written by him.  If John was not separated from his brethren, would we have had that book written?  I am glad that he remained faithful to God and he saw Jesus sitting on a throne.  One day, Jesus will sit on His throne as a shepherd dividing the goats from the sheep.  Let us be faithful today and have it settled that we are on His side now.  Then it will also be for all eternity.