Lois Austin - Tulare, California Special Meeting - October 2009

Lois Austin started us off, speaking of the Lamb. She had visited with Gladys (Baker) at the hospital regarding how we finish life, by just continuing to walk, following the Lamb until we reach home.

We just need to observe the Lamb as He walked home. He gave His strength, His love, His time and yet He never had less. He knew the unlimited supply source from His Father. Jesus lived a very busy life, but He always had time to give.

He was under the yoke with His Father, and because of this, He bore a balanced burden. Under the old law, there was a balancing of burdens and debt, the year of release.

Jesus said, "Invite the poor who cannot recompense you." We are prone to withhold because we are limited, but Jesus was never limited, and He taught His disciples to lend hoping for nothing in return. That is what God has given to us through His Son. God has already determined that we are worthy of the life (and the death) of His Son.